Bernie Sanders Resorts to Slanderous False Accusations

by Madeline Bigelow

Bernie’s latest lie is a whopper. He said in a rally in Philadelphia last night (04/06/16), that “Hillary has been saying lately that he was not qualified to run for president”. Besides the fact that Hillary did not say that, nor has she ever said anything like that, he proceeded to make a list of reasons why Hillary did not qualify to be president, in which he listed a barrage of lies and things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. This man is completely delusional, nuts, or senile.

First, as usual he started out by once again recriminating her campaign donations from Wall Street, Corporations, and Super PACs, which by the way are all legal and within campaign law requirements. But he neglected to mention that he too has received millions of dollars in direct support from Super PACs (NNU), Corporations (Google and MicroSoft), and other allied Super PACs such as those from various GOP Think Tanks, the Koch Brothers, and Carl Rove. Nor did he mention his “Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions” to his campaign. For having over $23 million dollars in unitemized contributions, and over $10 million dollars in mystery donations as stated by the Federal Elections Commission’s letter to his campaign. So, while Hillary has operated within campaign law requirements, has run a clean and honest campaign, has not said one lie about him, and has accounted for every penny received and spent by her campaign, he has not.

Secondly, he once again falsely accused Hillary of supporting another Trade Agreement, the Panama Trade Agreement (PTA), which is not true. Hillary did NOT vote for the Panama Trade Agreement in 2012, therefore for Bernie to say or insinuate that she did is a completely FALSE and a misleading statement, considering that she was not in congress when this agreement was signed. In fact, when it was initially being developed in 2008, during her first presidential campaign, she spoke out against it.

Nevertheless, prior to its implementation, as Secretary of State she was obliged to sell it to the best of her ability. As Bernie should know, the SoS is an appointed office, not an elected office and the incumbent works at the pleasure of the president. That unlike a Senator, the SoS is not his/her own boss and are obligated to sell the President’s agenda, whether they agree with it or not. The SoS has absolutely no say in the development, negotiation, or approval of Trade Agreements. He has made this same false false claim against Hillary with respect to other Trade Agreements, such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP.

Thirdly, he dares to compare the Sandy Hook tragedy with Hillary’s sole Iraq intervention resolution vote, as if she were the only democrat that voted for it, yet he does not mention his long long list of military intervention and regime change votes and support, or his praise and recognition of GWB for his military interventions.

Fourthly, like Trump, he never admits or takes responsibility for his mistakes or misstatements. He blames others for his own mistakes and misdeeds, and gets very angry and flustered when confronted with them. On various occasions he has told the person confronting him to ‘shut up’, or he abruptly walks away. He has a lot of apologizing to do to Hillary, Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Veterans, the LGBTQ Community, and now the parents of the children lost at Sandy Hook.


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