Campaign Finance Math is More Likely to Finish Bernie than Election Math

by Yvette Grimes

Here’s why Hillary doesn’t hold large rallies. They’re God-awful expensive. Say you want to hold a rally in a park for 27,000 people (actually Bernie had about 11,000, but lied with the higher number) you can’t just say meet me at the park. You have to pay for a permit, arrange and pay for porta potties, and pay for almost all the security. The city/town pays for their regular patrols, the person holding the rally has to arrange for and pay security in advance. These are almost always off-duty cops who can wear their uniform. They make about $100-$200/hour. For a crowd of about 27,000 that’s at a minimum of $100,000 per hour. And the candidate has to pay for clean-up afterwards. A huge rally can cost the candidate a million in campaign donations. For what? He has a photo-op of him in front of a lot of people.

What does Hillary have? Photo-ops of her sitting with some guys and winning at Dominos; eating an ice cream concoction named after her; dancing the Meringue in Harlem with a small crowd going wild and dancing with her; visiting and talking with children; and meeting and listening to people having problems. Oh, and the best one of all looking at and coveting that piece of cheesecake as one of her campaign aides digs into a slice of strawberry cheesecake. Total cost for Hillary maybe $10,000.

Results, of a photo of Bernie waving his arms in front of crowds of mostly young white men. Same old same old. How many photos have you seen of Bernie in a coffee shop talking to actual people? He doesn’t do that. He has no personal touch. He’d be waving his arms around knocking the customers out.

Photo-ops of Hillary all over the place meeting with actual people and talking with them. Remember she invented the listening tour in 2000 before running for the Senate.

Bernie rally photo-op shared 10,000 times. Hillary staring at that cheesecake (we’ve all been there) shared millions of times. Millions of dollars in viral publicity.

Bernie is burning through his cash. Hillary spent a few million in advertising. Bernie spent more in New York than Clinton, Trump, Cruz, and Kasich combined. And don’t forget the $1.6 million for the one-day vacation in the Vatican that backfired.

The result Bernie was clobbered in NY.

That Vatican trip paid for by his campaign is not an allowable campaign expense. The FEC will disallow it and he’ll be on the hook for it.

Bernie has about $4 million in the bank. Hillary has about $33 million.

In three separate notices, the FEC informed Bernie that he has about $28 million in illegal funds (over limit and foreign donations) to be returned, as well as that mysterious $10 million donation.

His campaign debt I estimate at $20 plus million.

Let’s see if he announces raising a huge amount after his big loss. He has raised less and less from those donors each month.

If he’s thinking of getting out of the campaign his first call will be to the Clinton campaign to talk about her helping retire his campaign debt by holding rallies with him. She’ll agree only if he works to unite the party and campaigns for her. Then AFTER November if he meets the requirements of the agreement she’ll help raise money to retire the debt. If he’s indecisive and speaks off message, then no deal, and he’s saddled with millions of dollars in debt with a 2018 Senate re-election bid looming. And this time no deals with the Vermont Democratic Party. They are going to run a Democratic Primary for a Democratic candidate. He won’t be able to convince contractors to work for him (ad reps, designers, get out the vote callers) if he’s still stiffing companies from his 2016 campaign.

Sanders is in financial trouble. He knows it and Hillary knows it. He’d better start playing nice.




  1. I began thinking about the huge cost when he held his rally at Safe-co field. A rally that wasn’t at all necessary and not particularly well attended with tons of empty seats. And in the end, the results were about what they would have been anyway. Just wondering how much that set them back.



  2. Hillary and the DNC would be better no opening any talks with the “Independent” guy. We got to help our own, not somebody who crashed the party, got drunk and is heading to court for that DWI… That also should be a warning for those Greens or whatever…



  3. OK so he spent $6,000 to take 10 people to stand in line & shake hands with the Pope… Not a smart use of your $27 folks.. He doesn’t give any money to the democratic Party … So he can keep using your $27 to make himself a million at before he steps down … Give to Bernie… Not smart



  4. Great article! Wow, I knew from reading that he was in trouble with the FEC and wondered why he kept attacking Hillary and lying. Hope he sees the light real soon and starts to urge his supporters to support Hillary so we can beat the republicans. Go HIllary!



  5. It is time to unite the party behind our presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, and start the real work of winning the White House in November. The true enemy is the g.o.p. and if the b.s. supporters don’t come on board then any losses, to Hillary or any Democrat, in November will be on their heads…There are more things that unite us than divide us…Hillary.



  6. Bernie is living out a socialist’s fantasy. A “revolution” paid for by others.
    All while delivering nothing but empty promises!
    And now fomenting hate and vitriol toward Hillary and her supporters!
    He needs to go away!



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