Times of Desperation For BS

by Steve Rohosky

Desperate times do indeed call for measures of desperation from the campaign of Bernard Sanders, Incorporated. In a new low for this Democratic primary season, his incontestably impolitic surrogate Rosario Dawson broke out the victim card during an appearance, ostensibly to tout the wonder of Sanders.

Speaking to a gathering of his fairy dust spattered minions, the actress/director/inept public speaker lamented how poor Bernie and his passive, albeit intensely passionate followers are being incessantly bullied by that vindictive harpy Hillary Clinton. That indeed she, Dawson, is certain they are being punished for their beliefs in a manner reminiscent to how HRC once impugned, consummately demeaned and maligned poor Lil Monica (Lewinsky.)

Yes, she went THERE. Many in the crowd became noticeably agitated at the dredging up of Lewinsky’s name and voiced displeasure at Dawson’s ungainly effort to use it as a weapon.

One of the oldest political dirty tricks in the book is to use a surrogate to float an idea, voice an attack, in order to gage the response for that which a politician doesn’t feel entirely comfortable. Should it fall completely flat–as did this–well, then the candidate has just cause to throw the offending party under the proverbial bus. It’s all about plausible deniability, you see.

Never the less, having gaged the unwillingness of Sanders to condemn Dawson during a Sunday morning TV interview, though, it would seem to suggest he was completely on board with the test drive of such a reprehensible attack on Hillary Clinton. Coming, as it did, from another supposed Democrat. In point of fact, the whole thing might well have been the VT senator’s idea, in the place. Alas, we may never know.

Yet, as if one gigantic gaffe wasn’t enough, the unskilled neophyte compounded it further by grousing as to how Bernard’s innocent minions are being bullied online by overzealous Clinton disciples. Considering the multitude of über aggressive BernieBots and Bros trolling the Internet looking to target and harass women supporters of HRC, Dawson might want to reconsider throwing that accusatory stone, again, seeing as how the political house she so avidly supports is erected entirely of glass.

Meanwhile, BS continues to denounce Hillary with all the fervor the Ol’ Geezer can muster. On the trail, campaign manager Jeff Weaver appeared on a 24 hour news channel, pledging to ignore the will of the people while detailing plans to disrupt the Democratic convention. He guaranteed every effort will be made to flip already pledged super delegates so that Sanders might yet win the nomination.

Of course, this strategy completely contradicts Bernard’s early diatribes AGAINST the usage of super delegates to determine the nominee. Many was the time he vociferously argued that the will of the people should determine the nomination, not the party elite. Now that “the people” are speaking with a resounding clamor for Clinton and not Bernard, well…in the words of the famous Nineties pop philosopher, Steve Urkel:
“Did I do that??”

Ah, well, what’s still more hypocrisy from the Sanders campaign?

Presidential candidates are generally expected to display a modicum of class and a degree of dignity–Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seemingly excepted. Perhaps someone should tell Bernard “One Shot” Sanders that shaking the hand of the greatly respected Pope Francis in and of itself did not imbue the candidate with any of the pontiffs class.

At the same time, tales of Sanders stalking the Pope in the hallway at 4AM, as well as his boasts to the press afterwards about their “private meeting” so angered the normally mild mannered Pope, he felt compelled to explain how Senator Sanders received a very polite handshake and nothing more. All of which did more to further degrade what little dignity Barn-Barn has remaining, rather than enhance it, which one must assume was the entire point of the Great Adventure in the first place.

The deplorable actions and behavior of all involved, by himself and those acting upon his behalf during this primary season, will no doubt be strongly considered by voters in those state having yet to hold primaries. Certainly, Bernard Sanders is responsible for his own bad behavior. That we expected more from him, however, is entirely our own fault.


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