Say, Didn’t You Used to be Bernie Sanders?

by Steve Rohosky


Looks like Janey Sanders is every bit the accomplished liar hubby Bernard has become. During an interview with Rachel Maddow Thursday, Mrs. Sanders claimed pro-Hillary Clinton super PACS have spent more than $70 million on ads, to this point. Friday, Maddow refuted that statement and set the record straight by producing a graphic showing the PACS have spent less than HALF what Mrs. Sanders claimed, $39 million less, in fact.

Couple that with an early Friday morning appearance on CNN when the interviewer mentioned, quite correctly, by how many elected delegates and super delegates Bernard trails Clinton. Janey indignantly replied: “That’s not accurate.” Invited to correct any misinformation the interviewer had been given, Sanders retorted: “I’m not here to discuss math with you.”

Bernard and his lies have either been a really bad influence upon his wife, or Janey taught the Senator everything she knows about fallacies. Which, apparently, isn’t nearly as much as the missus would like to think. Really, numbers CAN be rather easily verified. DUH!!

Or is it more a case that Bernard and Janey realize their Great Adventure is rapidly drawing to a close, so what do they have to lose at this point? After all, his reputation as someone who is honest to a fault has already been shot to hell. Not that it seems to matter, One Way or Another–GREAT song–to the majority of his Pinball Wizard-like acolytes.

Yet as ever more desperation is clearly setting in with both Sanders, Bernard increasingly looks the part of the kind of politician he once forged a profitable career railing against. All things being equal, perhaps it’s time for the Ol’ Socialist to consider retirement. This way, he and his spouse Mrs. Mouse can give speeches for big bucks, write books, appear publicly (for a healthy fee, of course) and generally recreate what Hillary and Bill did to earn their millions.

You know, that for which Bernard has been disparaging the ultimate Democratic power couple the past several years. At this point, a little more hypocrisy isn’t going to further damage the legacy of Sanders. THAT ship sailed, some time ago.

This way, the next firebrand politician who inspires disaffected youth to bitterly complain about how inequitable their lives are–only to remain comfortably ensconced in Mom and Pop’s basement when it comes time to vote–he or she can point to the former presidential candidate and query rhetorically: “Didn’t you used to be Bernie Sanders?” And after metaphorically spitting on the ground near where the allegorical former Senator stands, the latest political agent provocateur can raise both fists high and bellow toward the heavens: “Please! May that I never sell out for mere money–proclaimed with all the derision one can muster–like that guy Sanders, who sold all of you good people out!”

All the while he or she will be counting the days, months, years until their opportunity presents. This way, another sparkling cord on yet another golden parachute can be pulled, affording one more now former politician the opportunity to land comfortably, softly, upon sweet stacks of Benjamins. Just like Bernard and Jane Sanders.


One Comment

  1. Bernie hasn’t changed. Bernie has become familiar. The manipulative, posing, opportunist is quintessentially Bernie. All that has changed is that after a year we see the man behind the speeches.



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