Is There Intelligent Life On a Planet Called Bernie?

by Steve Rohosky


The amazing thing about Planet Bernie and his hubris which orbits him as would a large moon: he is so categorically convinced of his superiority over both Hillary Clinton and a certain megalomaniacal businessman that he is incapable of accepting–let alone understanding–how he was recently reduced to the status of a lowly tool during the furor over Bernard’s “debate” overture. A tool wielded with depth and precision by the practiced hands of a master manipulator, Donald J Trump.

Recognizing Bernard’s desperation to be seen as the rightful Democratic nominee, Trump toyed with the ploy for several days. While being bandied about, all the self promotion and media attention he could possibly receive was squeezed out of the carcass of an iffy idea. As another day dawned over the next 24 hour news day cycle, Sanders and his debate dreams were discarded with a terse statement questioning the appropriateness of debating the “second place finisher.”

Useful no longer, the VT Congressman has been left to wander what remains of the campaign trail, bewildered as to how the likes of a narcissistic capitalist fool such as Trump could out maneuver The Living Legend, Bernard Sanders. It should be obvious to most observers by now that BS is well off his game as his post Trump encounter performance has been reduced to a since rejected demand that a pair of Hillary’s “attack surrogates” be removed as co-chairs of the convention’s platform and rules committees (to be replaced, one would assume, with his own “attack surrogates”), the issuance of still more threats about “gumming up” the process at the Democratic Convention and halfhearted mutterings about The Donald’s toughness–as if anyone sporting such a moniker could EVER be considered “tough.”

Hardly up–or down, depending upon ones point of view–to Bernard’s usual standards of rhetoric, sloganeering and campaign high jinx.

Seemingly overwhelmed by the speed and dexterity displayed when Trump so easily used and abused, only to leave him dazed and confused, one must wonder if perhaps Bern-Bern now sports a bit of political PTSD as a souvenir of his encounter with this New Age, self-styled “god of Money.”

All of which serves to illustrate why Sanders’ approval ratings remain so high this far into the campaign, why he and Janey are able to drone incessantly about him being the best candidate to defeat Trump in the general election: the GOP slime machine, which has worked overtime over decades to goo the gears of Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings apparatus, has completely ignored Sanders. And for very good reason. Karl Rove, along with other rightist extremist masters-of-the-ooze, determined ages ago Bernard Sanders would be so easy to muck, so easily struck from his pretentious perch, he truly wasn’t worth the effort.

After all, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, using minimal effort, for all practical purposes left Bernard on a deserted sound stage somewhere crying for both his momma and his cherished Boys First Look at Marxist Philosophy Coloring Book (No Girls Allowed Edition). All accomplished with such ease, Trump’s ultimate insult may have been that he didn’t even bother to come up with a disparaging nickname for the now seemingly so much older Ol’ Socialist.

One thing which did not go completely unnoticed throughout this entire weekend at Bernie’s: the difference in attitude displayed by Sanders when facing a male adversary, rather than a woman. Gone were the snide comments, the disrespectful gesticulations and bony finger stabs, angry quips and quotes dripping with male chauvinism having been hurled both indirectly and right atcha, Hillary, during this entire campaign. Instead of his accustomed air of arrogant superiority, the Democratic runner-up was left P T–post Trump–flatter than someone just run over by a car in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Which is really F L A T.

To quote perhaps the greatest of all of America’s preeminent 20th century pop philosophers: What’s up, Doc?? Insofar as the true up or really down, only time will tell. If Bernard Sanders comes to his senses, recalls his true campaign opponent is a woman and IF he regains his fighting weight–up several classes due to all the lobster sliders recently consumed, along with multitudes of triple mocha cappuccino muchos grande aye caramba! washed down by he and the missus thanks to the benevolence of all those $27-a-hit saps…errr, donors.

Should all his borderline misogyny come flooding back, he can prove he still got game. Cause right now Bernard is T minus a week and counting from the true Super Tuesday of this entire primary season. And Mr “Democratic Socialist” is going to need all the thinly veiled condescension, all the celestial body sized hubris he can muster if he hopes to pull off one of the great political upsets of this or any other century. What Sanders doesn’t need is Trump reverberating throughout his brain, reliving how he was made to look as inconsequential as Jeb! Bush (shudder!!) in front of the entire tv viewing audience.

Otherwise, Hillary Clinton will just roll over BS some more, flattening him further until all that remains is a few wisps of white hair and some very thin skin, his one shot at relevance and a pair of glasses both crushed, flung to the shoulder of the General Election Super Highway–or its spur the Freeway, for those hailing from out west.

Either way, looks like folks in the eastern zones will be on California time, for a good part of June 7th as political scientists search all available data, sift through mountains of documentation gathered to that point, all in an effort to deduce if there ever truly was ANY evidence of intelligent life once existing on a Planet called Bernie. Or if it was all just some gigantic hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media to goose the ratings this past year.

I’m anxiously awaiting the results.
How bout you??


An Outlier’s Tale

by Steve Rohosky

Is the “process” of determining its nominee within the Democratic Party truly rigged? Interesting thought.

Let’s say an Outsider, someone not a Democrat, decided that for monetary and other reasons, they declared intent to run for president as a Dem. A person who spent his entire political life trashing the party and criticizing its elected representatives was then granted access to privileged party data bases so as to glean potential donors and voters. But that wasn’t enough. Several people within his campaign decided to hack the data bases of his rival, just for good measure.

When party leaders considered sanctions against the Outsider, he showed how much he appreciated the opportunity to represent Democrats by threatening to sue. Early on while hitting the campaign trail, the Outlier constantly railed against the existence of super delegates, who are Democratic elected representatives and other long time party regulars who are free to vote for whomever they choose, unlike elected delegates.

To top it off, he whined incessantly about party rules concerning open or closed state primaries. He bitterly complained about state rules regarding either registering to vote or the deadline to change ones party affiliation, thus making a voter eligible to cast their ballot for the party they preferred. Then the Outlier barked about registered Independents being prevented from voting in closed primary elections. All the while he became evermore combative as the process progressed.

Even as the race approached the finish line, the Outsider trailed the prohibitive favorite–a life long democrat who tirelessly worked for decades to support Dem candidates and policies–by more than three million votes and almost 300 elected delegates. Not to worry, declared the Outsider. I’ll just get those super delegates–against whom he ranted for the better part of a year–who declared intent to vote for the other candidate, to change their minds and vote for me cause I decided I’m best suited to take on the GOP nominee.

As the primaries draw to a close, the Outsider begins to tacitly support and encourage the use of intimidation and threats to get what he wants. He does almost nothing to dissuade his rabid followers from making implied and overt threats of violence against party officials and those super delegates who refuse to flip and support him. Amazingly, the Outlier stresses his belief his supporters aren’t being “respected,” that the process is rigged against “them,” then finally offers a sort of half-hearted disclaimer concerning violence.

Think this scenario could never happen in real life?? Sounds too far fetched?

Looks to me like the process will work exactly as designed when the super delegates step in at the party convention to put the half century-long Democrat over the delegate amount required to win the nomination. The super delegates exist to prevent the party from being highjacked by an outlier bent upon using the party to further his own personal ambitions. The system works perfectly to prevent an outside force from walking in, taking over and establishing his will over that of long time party regulars.

If the Outsider doesn’t like how the Democratic Party “establishment” treated him and his BernOuts, he is more than welcome to run as an Independent, next time. Because no matter how tepid his argument to the contrary, the Outlier IS NOT a Democrat. He does not believe in the party, it’s history, ideals, positions, programs–and NEVER HAS. Most definitely, this Outlier wants to eliminate the Democratic Parry platform that has been successful for the sitting president and replace it with his own inane collection of tax increases which “pay” for tired, failed Sixties hippy-style socialistic freebie programs. Free to the user, of course. A small mountain of higher taxes for everyone else.

This Outlier thought he could bamboozle the Democrats, could waltz in, use the party organization to satisfy his own megalomania. Fortunately, party regulars designed this fail safe system involving super delegates three decades ago, one meant to prevent a hijacking scenario. And there is little doubt those same super delegates, against whom he ranted and railed before hypocritically trying to convince them to renounce prior commitments and support him instead, along with the same “unfair” establishment, will greatly tighten the rules to prevent another fraud like Bernard Sanders from ever being able to muscle in and commandeer the Democratic Party, ever again.

How Will Hillary Handle Donald?

by Joshua Brennig


Hillary already cut her teeth on two very different candidates- Barack Obama, who was almost supernaturally genteel, and Bernie Sanders, who has been attacking her character relentlessly with sleazy passive-aggressive criticisms- “I’M not beholden to Wall Street like SOME people”. He refused to use her name for months in order to pretend to be running a clean campaign, before finally taking a dive into the gutter, kicking up every manner of slime to see what will stick.

Now she is facing an over-indulged narcissist who speaks like a 4th grader jacked up on a lithium/Mountain Dew speedball. How does one deflect the crude barbs of a manchild while directing the discussion back toward the complex details of the issues?

The clue to her approach lies in her vast experience and expertise in working with young children. Seriously. From her online biography: “Hillary Rodham began a year of postgraduate study on children and medicine at the Yale Child Study Center. During her postgraduate study, Rodham served as staff attorney for Edelman’s newly founded Children’s Defense Fund in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her first scholarly article, “Children Under the Law”, was published in the Harvard Educational Review in late 1973. Discussing the new children’s rights movement, it stated that “child citizens” were “powerless individuals” and argued that children should not be considered equally incompetent from birth to attaining legal age, but that instead courts should presume competence except when there is evidence otherwise, on a case-by-case basis. The article became frequently cited in the field. An American Bar Association chair later said, “Her articles were important, not because they were radically new but because they helped formulate something that had been inchoate. Historian Garry Wills would later describe her as “one of the more important scholar-activists of the last two decades”.

Hillary worked with troubled children from dysfunctional families who were entangled in the family court system. It would not be possible to deliberately design a more appropriate person to deal with the arrested development of the GOP’s nominee. Hillary knows how to gently manage a recalcitrant child who is acting out, without being mean to the child, or diminishing herself in any way. Hillary has an agenda to present to the nation, and will handle that task smoothly and professionally, just as any teacher delivers their curriculum past the distractions of the spitball shooter in the third row, and the ginger sitting behind him making fart noises with his hand in his armpit.

It’s not up to Hillary to draw reasonable responses out of Donald Trump. The public and the media can vet him or not- Hillary need only point out her own strengths and wait patiently as Trump stumbles over himself, the bad turnip festering at the bottom of one crazy word salad after another.


Bernie Sanders Wants Democrats to Just Give Him the Nomination

by Steve Rohosky

Bernard Sanders, Incorporated, along with several of his most devoted media acolytes, are continuing to perpetuate this fantasy that the Ol’ Socialist can still win the Democratic nomination. Of course, it’s in Bernard’s best $$$$$ interest to keep the minions primed, for those who joyously celebrate this fractured fairy tale help keep the Sanders cash machine flowing like the mighty Mississippi River after spring rains. Even though his April haul dropped by more than 41%. Seems Barn-Barn and Janey discovered this presidential thing pays exquisitely more than does his rather mundane day job.

But this scenario Bernard colorfully parrots, as to him still having the ability to win the nomination, is well…utter folly. Something which only those most severely encrusted with the BS fairy dust are prone to believe, let alone repeat, automaton style. And I will tell you why.

13 states, territories and Washington, DC have yet to hold Democratic primaries and caucuses. For the sake of expediency, let’s split them into two groups: A) California, New Jersey, DC and B) Guam, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and, lest we forget, South Dakota. Now, group A has 734 elected delegates–NOT the super ones–up for grabs, while B) will provide 416, also of the elected variety.

The primaries in CA and NJ are classified as mixed, meaning unaffiliated voters can cast ballots for any party and registrations can be changed on the day of voting. Several factors have been considered to estimate the percentage of votes HRC will receive.

First: the abnormally large minority population of DC, coupled with high minority percentages in CA and NJ, should offset the mixed type of primary in which Clinton has had somewhat inconsistent results. DC, which is closed, quite possibly will provide Hillary with a win upwards to 40 points, seeing as how she was victorious in MD–Baltimore also has a very large minority population–by 30. Second: colleges and universities in CA will be on summer recess for at least a full two weeks come its June 7 primary. Unless those students have registered to vote in their home towns, or they return to school (having previously registered there) a great deal of presumed Sanders supporters will not be able to have their voices heard. Third: Nate Silver’s 538 has given Hillary a 91% chance of winning California. Not enough data and/or recent reputable polling has taken place in NJ for them to make a call.

Taking all that into consideration, I give Hillary 54.5% of the vote in group A, meaning she wins 400 delegates, Sanders 334.

Group B breaks down thus: 5 closed primaries–SD, NM, OR, KY and Guam. The primary in MT is open, while that in WV is mixed. Which leaves 3 caucuses in ND, Puerto Rico and the glorious Virgin Islands. So far we have seen HRC do extremely well among just Democrats in closed primaries. Considering the three caucuses represent just 102 delegates, I foresee Hillary winning 55.3% of the vote and gaining 230 more delegates, while Bernard gains another 186.

As of May 4, Mrs Clinton has amassed 1,683 elected delegates. Add to that the 400 allotted from A group and another 231 via B and she tallies 2,344, leaving her just 39 shy of the magic 2,383. Sanders has thus far accumulated 1,361 through his wins and when combined with his A group of 334 and B pool of 160 projects to 1,855 delegates awarded. While 1855 may have been a good year in some states, it will hardly be a memorable one in the Sanders camp as it leaves Bernard short by 528 delegates.

One wildcard in all this is Puerto Rico, which is looking at a potential bankruptcy, virtually any day now. With 67 delegates to be won, a large swing in votes toward whichever candidate favors a willingness to cut the island the a favorable deal, is a distinct possibility.

Which brings us to those wild and wacky super delegates, all 747 of them, ready to take flight to most likely determine the Democratic presidential nominee. As we have been made aware countless times, these are the party “elite”: Congresspersons, governors and all ’round good eggs who were deemed important enough to the party and loyal to the professed idea that a strong, electable nominee shall be anointed at the convention. All the sturm und drang going on over at the GOP as per the Anyone-But-Trump movement would essentially be moot on the Democratic side. Should an über buffoon the likes of The Donald one day garner numbers about equal to those Hillary Clinton is projected here to carry–close, but no cigar–then the supes would swoop down and truly save the day for the Democratic Party by boosting the delegate total of a more preferable and infinitely more electable candidate over the top and onward to victory in November.

That Bernard Sanders has been able to convince but a relative handful of the Democratic nobility to throw down with him and his ersatz revolution, has not been entirely lost on the candidate. Where once he deplored the very idea of these individuals taking it upon themselves to have final say as to the ultimate nominee–should neither candidate accumulate the mystical 2,383–Sanders has flopped and flipped his way to where he now espouses a tangentially differing point of view from his initial one.

His latest being two tiered: since a handful of polls rate him as having a statistically better shot at defeating Trump, because Janey believes her hubby to be the best candidate, Sanders should therefore be coronated as the Democratic Party nominee. But ONLY after DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz makes nice-nice for having treated them so badly, that she grovel before them prettily please to show the extent of her appreciation for the honor he does the Democratic Party by accepting its nomination.

But wait! If THAT ritualistic scenario doesn’t titillate the interest of the party muckety-mucks, well then Bernard will then propose all those super delegates from all the states which His Excellency Bernard the First won (or came in second) should be required to vote for him, no matter to whom they initially intended to pledge their everlasting support and fealty.

Yes, the very same super delegates Sanders actually expects will abandon a loyal, hard working, devoted-to-the-cause-for-a-half-century Democrat, like Hillary Clinton. A candidate who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars through the years to help elect down ticket congresspersons, senators, governors, state and local elected Democratic representatives. Expects them to throw her overboard in favor of someone who has raised comparative peanuts for other Dems, has blasted the party and its ideals for decades. All to the benefit of candidate trailing badly in the popular vote who is not even a registered Democrat!

That this concept to which Sanders desperately clings is a unique, totally unrealistic and immensely egocentric rewriting of party rules seems to matter not to His Excellency, and should come as no surprise, really. After all, what cares he for anything as mundane as pre established and mutually agreed upon party rules?

Meaning, after slogging through a year and three months of campaigning, after primaries, debates, innumerable appearances and caucuses held, along with tens of millions of votes cast, as well as many hundreds of millions of dollars donated, ALL of it be damned and while we’re at it, go ahead and give yourselves a big hand for having participated! Because Bernie Sanders really and truly wants the Democratic Party to just GIVE him the nomination.

Having waged a campaign based strictly upon slogans and being able to identify a couple of societal problems and economic inequalities, while offering up tax increases as his only viable solutions, voters across the nation have responded by casting three million more ballots for his opponent. As the process wends its way toward California–truly the pot of delegate gold awaiting one worthy candidate at the end of this political rainbow–Sanders continues to prove he is not the best candidate to represent the party, come November. What it all comes down to in the end, for him, is this plan of going to the convention to convince the party elite that voter nullification is the way to go. It’s his only chance.

Hiding somewhere within the dark recesses of his mind, there is no doubt Sanders truly believes he can pull this off. For that alone, not to mention a multitude of other more marked motives, the Senator from Vermont deserves his Less Than Zero chance of leaving Philadelphia with the 2016 Democratic nomination for President of these sometimes United State clutched tightly in his always grasping, grabbing, greedy-for-more hands.

No how, no way. Period. Exclamation point.


Bernie’s Pity Party is Played Out

by Nancy Hoene


Bernie’s “poor me” attitude lost him this nomination. From the beginning, Bernie has whined about everything and blamed everyone else but himself.

Was it the DNC’s fault that Bernie decided to run as a Democrat in the Democratic primaries? NO … that was his decision.

Is it New York’s fault that Bernie didn’t know they have an early deadline for switching party affiliations? NO… that is something Bernie should have thought of before he put his name in the ring. And his campaign should have been telling people since way last spring.

Is it Hillary’s fault that Bernie’s staff decided to breach the firewall and download names and addresses of Hillary’s lists? No … that was his own minions.

Is it the media’s fault that Bernie didn’t do anything newsworthy for 9 months of his campaign? He whined about not getting enough media coverage as if he was the front runner (he wasn’t – ever.) And he expected the media to cover his large rallies (well, they did once, but after that, it’s old news.) If he wanted news coverage, he needed to DO something newsworthy.

Was it the NY Daily News’s fault that Bernie wasn’t prepared for their questions? His campaign strategists or manager didn’t prepare Bernie for the editorial board interview. Maybe he’s never been to an editorial board interview … when a publication is considering endorsing you as a candidate. But they are very thorough. They were very fair to Bernie – asking him questions that were from his own platform.

Bernie is a whiner, instead of DOING whatever it takes to win (not cheating – but actual legwork), Bernie prefers to whine.

Every day his campaign said to America: “Give Bernie your pity vote. Vote for Bernie cuz you feel sorry for him. Poor, poor Bernie.”

That is what whining comes across as – asking for pity votes. And it is not a winning strategy. It turns people off. You have to be creative. You have to think of how to get into the news.

Bernie doesn’t do the footwork. He tried to sound like he did – by saying he likes to take the subway in NY. But then when asked about that, he didn’t know that they haven’t used tokens in over a decade.

You never see him at a coffee shop or pizza parlor or newsstand – just talking to people. He doesn’t do regular things to actually go out and talk to people. He prefers to speechify. To stand up on a podium and talk AT people.

Bernie has only himself to blame for all of what went on in this primary season… and he was simply not prepared in the way a candidate for President needs to be prepared.

And he lost. Fair and square. Nobody rigged anything. There was no conspiracy. It is up to the candidate and his campaign to study the rules and understand how it works. So stop whining.

Sanders’ Path to Nowhere

by Steve Urquhart


As late as yesterday, the increasingly delusional and bitter Sanders tried to explain that he has a “path to the nomination.” Apparently, his plan depends completely on defiance of democratic principles and Party Rules. Sanders knew well what the rules were when he entered and he said nothing. Then he was able to manipulate a bunch of unsophisticated and militant college kids to start believing that the “revolution” he claimed he was fomenting no longer had anything to do with actually winning the nomination by earning the majority of pledged delegates. Now he has changed the goal posts to suit his own naked and venal lust for power.

The fact that over three million voters were far more excited about Hillary’s plans and her candidacy is something Sanders’ fragile male ego just can’t accept. He has a demonstrated clear inability to reach core constituencies of the Democratic Party’s coalition such as African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, other non white voters, women,and voters over age 45. In fact he gets demolished there. His unfavorables climb ever higher as he goes ever more negative resorting to character attacks on Hillary’s integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. This despite Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact finding that Hillary is the most honest candidate in the race,, including Sanders. Let’s see Sanders has broken into DNC files, conducted numerous searches of Hillary’s proprietary voter data files, falsely claimed newspaper endorsements that were in fact for Hillary, misappropriated service marks and logos of well known liberal organizations which had endorsed Hilary to make it appear they had endorsed him.had war protesters arrested who dared to picket him, took large contributions for his campaign from American Crystal Sugar as it brutally destroyed a union, worked out a deal with George W. Bush to dump nuclear waste in an impoverished Latino town in Texas, tried to block waterfront access by getting into bed with Burlington’s richest 1%r Pomerleau, dodged the Vietnam War era draft by claiming to be a conscientious objector then going to a commune in Israel which practiced Marxist theories of organizational management, then praised the politics of the dictators Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and Josef Stalin all while denigrating American and Democratic icons like JFK and President Barack Obama, he faked an “invitation” from the Pope, he had no problem getting into bed with the NRA to win his first House seat and then consistently doing their special interest bidding over and over including protecting the investments of billionaire investors by granting blanket immunity from victims of the violent slaughter .The list is extensive and would have become well known to the wider electorate if Sanders had become the nominee. This is what Sanders refuses to acknowledge. The Republicans WANT HIM to be the nominee. He is virtually unvetted. He has gotten a lot of free media because he deliberately holds his rallies in college towns and apparently the National Nurses United SuperPAC supporting him buses in young people from other areas to bolster the crowds. Sanders relies on a decades long smear campaign against Hillary, bought and paid for by the Republican Party.

He has no original ideas. In fact as the recent NYDN editorial board meeting highlighted, Sanders has no idea what his so.-called plans involve and can’t explain even the basic details. Sanders and his wife are lifelong liars and there would be very little left of either one of them by the time Republicans were through with them.

But let’s look at his whiny hollow complaints. He wants Superdelegates to be compelled to vote for whoever won the State. As the article makes clear, this would make no difference. But even more odd is it converts the Superdelegates to pledged delegates. Tad Devine , Sanders chief strategist and a principle architect of the Superdelegate Rules, specifically wrote the rules to allow Superdelegates to vote anyway they chose. They may be from a State but they are the referees of the process. These are the most committed members of the Party. The Democratic Party is a private organization and is responsible for its own rules and procedures to determine its nominee. Sanders, despite never having been a Democrat, was allowed to run for the nomination because of generous interpretations and structure of The DNC Charter, delegate selection rules and the Call to Convention. Does anyone doubt that Sanders would be claiming the support of the rules if he was in Hillary’s position? Of course not. He would be bellowing for her to get out “the people have spoken.” The Party does have pledged or hard PLEOs (political leaders and elected officials) and these have been allocated by statewide vote all along. The Superdelegates have never gone against the majority will of the Democratic Party or the pledged delegates. Yet, Sanders says that is what should happen. He wants the entire process to be a sham simply because he lost badly and can’t accept it. The neo Marxist Sanders wants democracy and the will of the majority to be thwarted. He wants big money out of politics but has outspent everyone running,. He wants millionaires like him to “pay their fair share” and yet his tax returns show that he and his wife can’t wait to take massive deductions available only to the wealthy to reduce their tax liabilty to below that of ordinary workers forcing them to make up the difference because they don’t get the deductions millionaires like him can take. Then Sanders says head to head hypothetical matchups for the general show him to be the stronger candidate. Just three problems. First, study after study has shown these kinds of polls to be completely non predictive. They are too far out and are just speculation as little is known by the average voter about Sanders. Once attacked his negatives would quickly climb. Hillary has been thoroughly vetted and has clearly shown she cannot only take a punch but has a mean left hook. Also, Sanders would at best have tepid support from the Democratic groups he has ignored to date. But most importantly the Convention would be thrown into chaos if an interloper like Sanders, with a long record of ripping the Party, suddenly was given the nomination by Superdelegates overturning the popular vote and pledged delegate count just to serve the interests of one power mad politician who couldn’t win under the rules he accepted.

Sanders is a message candidate at best. He is looking to stay in because he has become addicted to the lifestyle and the money. If he cared even a little about his ideas the NYDN event would never have happened. He is a fraud and a hoax and has been his entire career. We don’t need him. If he can deliver his supporters fine, if not screw him. He becomes useless. He has done nothing for the Party. He has raised no money for down ballot races although a blue Congress is critical to his entire plan, he rips the Party constantly, he breaks into files to steal data, he says he will make no effort to rally his supporters to the Democratic cause or to Hillary. And why should he? Sanders will be just fine. He remains a rich, white multi millionaire from safe all white Vermont. It his supporters who will be thrown to the wolves.

He used them for media attention, free labor, donations and angry agitation. They are what Comrade Sanders would call useful idiots. It is long past time they realized that the only thing authentic about Sanders isTHEM. They have some legitimate concerns. Once they get their heads out of the clouds and start actually worrying about their lives and careers and that of their families, born and unborn, they will conclude that Hillary ‘s plans in many areas of concern to them align well with their goals. Stop listening to Sanders He is just a rich guy with no skin in the game. You are the ones with real things at stake. Do you really want to explain for the rest of your lives why you let Trump destroy you and the country because you wanted to pout?

How I Came Out of a Media Coma and Discovered the Real Hillary

by Suzette Sommer


True Confession: I worked in TV advertising in the 80s and 90s and with ad agencies and PR firms.. I know how messaging works.

Yet, I did not personally realize how biased my impression of Hillary was until this primary.

If not for the influence of FB friends who know a shit load about her and shared a lot of background about her accomplishments and commitments since her early days with me – I would not have changed my attitude towards her, which was pretty negative.

I just kept looking things up and reading about her, as they kept bringing up so many good things she had quietly done for so many, over so many years..

I had to ask myself why there was so much good she had done that I had been unaware of – and how I missed it.

How could she consistently be voted a “Most Admired Woman?”

I had to ask myself where my impression of her came from.

As someone who worked in the industry, how could I have missed something so obvious as the drip drip drip of negativity against her?

Not just FOX News.. all of the media outlets.

I got rid of my TV in 2003 due to the way TV news had devolved into rot, with no journalistic standards left.

A mockery of a profession I used to admire.

So why did it take so long for me to see the lens of hate they have had on Hillary ever since she refused to play the traditional role as First Lady?

Me, a supposed feminist.. still absorbed a negative impression of her.

She was simply ahead of her time, stepped on the wrong toes, and has never been forgiven.

When she commented back in the 90s about there being a “vast right wing conspiracy” I remember rolling my eyes.

But she was right: Now, we all know the Koch brothers and ALEC.

It was her constituent fans in NY who probably started turning me around by their strong endorsements of her as their liberal senator.. but it was the sheer volume of her lifetime work for women, children and the poor that I was surprised by.

Everywhere she has gone, she has done such work – and not just to dabble – she gets results. She makes positive change happen.

If anything now, I would say she is horrible at tooting her own horn, is awkward as a campaigner and not a great orator..

But she is a wonk and a workhorse who makes a real difference.

She has been consistent throughout her adult life in her commitment to making life better for women, children and the poor.

Those who know her tell me she is more liberal than Bill Clinton.

There is a softer side of her that I suspect she played down in 2008 and still does, as a woman who has the balls to aspire to be Commander in Chief.

But now, with Secretary of State on her resume, nobody running is more qualified than she is to assume that responsibility.

As President Obama pointed out, she is “wicked smart” and her resume is so far above any of the men now running that they are laughable as opponents.

Do I like the idea of a woman for president, does that matter to me?


But you have never seen me make that the point of her candidacy.

THAT is just a massive bonus.

Her election will elevate women’s issues in this country the same way electing a Black president blew the doors off racial hypocrisy and neglect of important issues to POC in this country.

It is time.

Way past time..

To include women in our national conversation in a serious way.

We now have the right woman to lead.