Sanders’ Path to Nowhere

by Steve Urquhart


As late as yesterday, the increasingly delusional and bitter Sanders tried to explain that he has a “path to the nomination.” Apparently, his plan depends completely on defiance of democratic principles and Party Rules. Sanders knew well what the rules were when he entered and he said nothing. Then he was able to manipulate a bunch of unsophisticated and militant college kids to start believing that the “revolution” he claimed he was fomenting no longer had anything to do with actually winning the nomination by earning the majority of pledged delegates. Now he has changed the goal posts to suit his own naked and venal lust for power.

The fact that over three million voters were far more excited about Hillary’s plans and her candidacy is something Sanders’ fragile male ego just can’t accept. He has a demonstrated clear inability to reach core constituencies of the Democratic Party’s coalition such as African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, other non white voters, women,and voters over age 45. In fact he gets demolished there. His unfavorables climb ever higher as he goes ever more negative resorting to character attacks on Hillary’s integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. This despite Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact finding that Hillary is the most honest candidate in the race,, including Sanders. Let’s see Sanders has broken into DNC files, conducted numerous searches of Hillary’s proprietary voter data files, falsely claimed newspaper endorsements that were in fact for Hillary, misappropriated service marks and logos of well known liberal organizations which had endorsed Hilary to make it appear they had endorsed him.had war protesters arrested who dared to picket him, took large contributions for his campaign from American Crystal Sugar as it brutally destroyed a union, worked out a deal with George W. Bush to dump nuclear waste in an impoverished Latino town in Texas, tried to block waterfront access by getting into bed with Burlington’s richest 1%r Pomerleau, dodged the Vietnam War era draft by claiming to be a conscientious objector then going to a commune in Israel which practiced Marxist theories of organizational management, then praised the politics of the dictators Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and Josef Stalin all while denigrating American and Democratic icons like JFK and President Barack Obama, he faked an “invitation” from the Pope, he had no problem getting into bed with the NRA to win his first House seat and then consistently doing their special interest bidding over and over including protecting the investments of billionaire investors by granting blanket immunity from victims of the violent slaughter .The list is extensive and would have become well known to the wider electorate if Sanders had become the nominee. This is what Sanders refuses to acknowledge. The Republicans WANT HIM to be the nominee. He is virtually unvetted. He has gotten a lot of free media because he deliberately holds his rallies in college towns and apparently the National Nurses United SuperPAC supporting him buses in young people from other areas to bolster the crowds. Sanders relies on a decades long smear campaign against Hillary, bought and paid for by the Republican Party.

He has no original ideas. In fact as the recent NYDN editorial board meeting highlighted, Sanders has no idea what his so.-called plans involve and can’t explain even the basic details. Sanders and his wife are lifelong liars and there would be very little left of either one of them by the time Republicans were through with them.

But let’s look at his whiny hollow complaints. He wants Superdelegates to be compelled to vote for whoever won the State. As the article makes clear, this would make no difference. But even more odd is it converts the Superdelegates to pledged delegates. Tad Devine , Sanders chief strategist and a principle architect of the Superdelegate Rules, specifically wrote the rules to allow Superdelegates to vote anyway they chose. They may be from a State but they are the referees of the process. These are the most committed members of the Party. The Democratic Party is a private organization and is responsible for its own rules and procedures to determine its nominee. Sanders, despite never having been a Democrat, was allowed to run for the nomination because of generous interpretations and structure of The DNC Charter, delegate selection rules and the Call to Convention. Does anyone doubt that Sanders would be claiming the support of the rules if he was in Hillary’s position? Of course not. He would be bellowing for her to get out “the people have spoken.” The Party does have pledged or hard PLEOs (political leaders and elected officials) and these have been allocated by statewide vote all along. The Superdelegates have never gone against the majority will of the Democratic Party or the pledged delegates. Yet, Sanders says that is what should happen. He wants the entire process to be a sham simply because he lost badly and can’t accept it. The neo Marxist Sanders wants democracy and the will of the majority to be thwarted. He wants big money out of politics but has outspent everyone running,. He wants millionaires like him to “pay their fair share” and yet his tax returns show that he and his wife can’t wait to take massive deductions available only to the wealthy to reduce their tax liabilty to below that of ordinary workers forcing them to make up the difference because they don’t get the deductions millionaires like him can take. Then Sanders says head to head hypothetical matchups for the general show him to be the stronger candidate. Just three problems. First, study after study has shown these kinds of polls to be completely non predictive. They are too far out and are just speculation as little is known by the average voter about Sanders. Once attacked his negatives would quickly climb. Hillary has been thoroughly vetted and has clearly shown she cannot only take a punch but has a mean left hook. Also, Sanders would at best have tepid support from the Democratic groups he has ignored to date. But most importantly the Convention would be thrown into chaos if an interloper like Sanders, with a long record of ripping the Party, suddenly was given the nomination by Superdelegates overturning the popular vote and pledged delegate count just to serve the interests of one power mad politician who couldn’t win under the rules he accepted.

Sanders is a message candidate at best. He is looking to stay in because he has become addicted to the lifestyle and the money. If he cared even a little about his ideas the NYDN event would never have happened. He is a fraud and a hoax and has been his entire career. We don’t need him. If he can deliver his supporters fine, if not screw him. He becomes useless. He has done nothing for the Party. He has raised no money for down ballot races although a blue Congress is critical to his entire plan, he rips the Party constantly, he breaks into files to steal data, he says he will make no effort to rally his supporters to the Democratic cause or to Hillary. And why should he? Sanders will be just fine. He remains a rich, white multi millionaire from safe all white Vermont. It his supporters who will be thrown to the wolves.

He used them for media attention, free labor, donations and angry agitation. They are what Comrade Sanders would call useful idiots. It is long past time they realized that the only thing authentic about Sanders isTHEM. They have some legitimate concerns. Once they get their heads out of the clouds and start actually worrying about their lives and careers and that of their families, born and unborn, they will conclude that Hillary ‘s plans in many areas of concern to them align well with their goals. Stop listening to Sanders He is just a rich guy with no skin in the game. You are the ones with real things at stake. Do you really want to explain for the rest of your lives why you let Trump destroy you and the country because you wanted to pout?


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