Bernie’s Pity Party is Played Out

by Nancy Hoene


Bernie’s “poor me” attitude lost him this nomination. From the beginning, Bernie has whined about everything and blamed everyone else but himself.

Was it the DNC’s fault that Bernie decided to run as a Democrat in the Democratic primaries? NO … that was his decision.

Is it New York’s fault that Bernie didn’t know they have an early deadline for switching party affiliations? NO… that is something Bernie should have thought of before he put his name in the ring. And his campaign should have been telling people since way last spring.

Is it Hillary’s fault that Bernie’s staff decided to breach the firewall and download names and addresses of Hillary’s lists? No … that was his own minions.

Is it the media’s fault that Bernie didn’t do anything newsworthy for 9 months of his campaign? He whined about not getting enough media coverage as if he was the front runner (he wasn’t – ever.) And he expected the media to cover his large rallies (well, they did once, but after that, it’s old news.) If he wanted news coverage, he needed to DO something newsworthy.

Was it the NY Daily News’s fault that Bernie wasn’t prepared for their questions? His campaign strategists or manager didn’t prepare Bernie for the editorial board interview. Maybe he’s never been to an editorial board interview … when a publication is considering endorsing you as a candidate. But they are very thorough. They were very fair to Bernie – asking him questions that were from his own platform.

Bernie is a whiner, instead of DOING whatever it takes to win (not cheating – but actual legwork), Bernie prefers to whine.

Every day his campaign said to America: “Give Bernie your pity vote. Vote for Bernie cuz you feel sorry for him. Poor, poor Bernie.”

That is what whining comes across as – asking for pity votes. And it is not a winning strategy. It turns people off. You have to be creative. You have to think of how to get into the news.

Bernie doesn’t do the footwork. He tried to sound like he did – by saying he likes to take the subway in NY. But then when asked about that, he didn’t know that they haven’t used tokens in over a decade.

You never see him at a coffee shop or pizza parlor or newsstand – just talking to people. He doesn’t do regular things to actually go out and talk to people. He prefers to speechify. To stand up on a podium and talk AT people.

Bernie has only himself to blame for all of what went on in this primary season… and he was simply not prepared in the way a candidate for President needs to be prepared.

And he lost. Fair and square. Nobody rigged anything. There was no conspiracy. It is up to the candidate and his campaign to study the rules and understand how it works. So stop whining.



  1. Thank you for telling the truth. He had gotten a free pass from the MSM. His wife is now taking $200k for beibg. “Senior Campaign Advisor” so is it any wonder he wants to stay in? As always this is follow the money. Who gave him the money to run for President to begin with? What is that mystery $10m in dark money from a K Street lobbying firm. Shame on the media for caring about the horse race than reporting on evidence under their nose. Again thank you!



  2. I agree. In the beginning, I was open to him and was interested in what he had to say. Then I heard it and heard it and heard it. He has a vision, but no plan, his blaming became tiresome, the sexism of his surrogates is unacceptable, and his self-centered attitude and ego have become offensive. #NotFeelingTheBern

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  3. […] Bottom line: we had an election (just a bit to go) and one side has an insurmountable lead, period. It is to Clinton’s credit that she is winning/has won fair and square. Though this blog article unfairly discounts the strength of Sen. Sanders’ message and his skill in delivering it, paragraphs 2-6 are excellent. […]



  4. Bernie better prepared than Hillary. Hilary has dissed Bernie with lies since the beginning. Fbi doesn’t investigate without reason. Hilary’s “Vote for mr I am a woman and my husband was president and Obama is my friend has always been old old old. Her contributions from and ties to Wall Street, big business are very suspect. Count this femininst over and out on Hillary.



    1. The FBI doesn’t investigate without reason…

      Like the way they investigated Martin Luther King and others?

      If you need a post office renamed then Bernie’s your man but other than that he has accomplished little…



  5. Grumpy and Frumpy are laughing all the way to the bank…on the money from people that struggle to send $27.00 from their minimum wage jobs.



  6. I am convinced that the only reason Sanders has come out so strongly about fighting all of the way to the convention, after sounding somewhat grounded in reality after the NY primary, is to try and keep the donations flooding in. He figures people don’t want to send their hard earned money to pay for more influence over what planks end up in the Democratic platform, they want to send money for a candidate who they feel has a real shot at the nomination. Bernie does not have a real shot at the nomination….it has now turned into a cynical money grab. I used to have a lot of respect for Mr. Sanders….no more, I am sad to say. He is looking more and more like a cornered animal who is turning vicious, and doesn’t care who he hurts. You can tell he is not a Democrat, because he doesn’t care if he destroys the party, he just wants his way…..



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