An Outlier’s Tale

by Steve Rohosky

Is the “process” of determining its nominee within the Democratic Party truly rigged? Interesting thought.

Let’s say an Outsider, someone not a Democrat, decided that for monetary and other reasons, they declared intent to run for president as a Dem. A person who spent his entire political life trashing the party and criticizing its elected representatives was then granted access to privileged party data bases so as to glean potential donors and voters. But that wasn’t enough. Several people within his campaign decided to hack the data bases of his rival, just for good measure.

When party leaders considered sanctions against the Outsider, he showed how much he appreciated the opportunity to represent Democrats by threatening to sue. Early on while hitting the campaign trail, the Outlier constantly railed against the existence of super delegates, who are Democratic elected representatives and other long time party regulars who are free to vote for whomever they choose, unlike elected delegates.

To top it off, he whined incessantly about party rules concerning open or closed state primaries. He bitterly complained about state rules regarding either registering to vote or the deadline to change ones party affiliation, thus making a voter eligible to cast their ballot for the party they preferred. Then the Outlier barked about registered Independents being prevented from voting in closed primary elections. All the while he became evermore combative as the process progressed.

Even as the race approached the finish line, the Outsider trailed the prohibitive favorite–a life long democrat who tirelessly worked for decades to support Dem candidates and policies–by more than three million votes and almost 300 elected delegates. Not to worry, declared the Outsider. I’ll just get those super delegates–against whom he ranted for the better part of a year–who declared intent to vote for the other candidate, to change their minds and vote for me cause I decided I’m best suited to take on the GOP nominee.

As the primaries draw to a close, the Outsider begins to tacitly support and encourage the use of intimidation and threats to get what he wants. He does almost nothing to dissuade his rabid followers from making implied and overt threats of violence against party officials and those super delegates who refuse to flip and support him. Amazingly, the Outlier stresses his belief his supporters aren’t being “respected,” that the process is rigged against “them,” then finally offers a sort of half-hearted disclaimer concerning violence.

Think this scenario could never happen in real life?? Sounds too far fetched?

Looks to me like the process will work exactly as designed when the super delegates step in at the party convention to put the half century-long Democrat over the delegate amount required to win the nomination. The super delegates exist to prevent the party from being highjacked by an outlier bent upon using the party to further his own personal ambitions. The system works perfectly to prevent an outside force from walking in, taking over and establishing his will over that of long time party regulars.

If the Outsider doesn’t like how the Democratic Party “establishment” treated him and his BernOuts, he is more than welcome to run as an Independent, next time. Because no matter how tepid his argument to the contrary, the Outlier IS NOT a Democrat. He does not believe in the party, it’s history, ideals, positions, programs–and NEVER HAS. Most definitely, this Outlier wants to eliminate the Democratic Parry platform that has been successful for the sitting president and replace it with his own inane collection of tax increases which “pay” for tired, failed Sixties hippy-style socialistic freebie programs. Free to the user, of course. A small mountain of higher taxes for everyone else.

This Outlier thought he could bamboozle the Democrats, could waltz in, use the party organization to satisfy his own megalomania. Fortunately, party regulars designed this fail safe system involving super delegates three decades ago, one meant to prevent a hijacking scenario. And there is little doubt those same super delegates, against whom he ranted and railed before hypocritically trying to convince them to renounce prior commitments and support him instead, along with the same “unfair” establishment, will greatly tighten the rules to prevent another fraud like Bernard Sanders from ever being able to muscle in and commandeer the Democratic Party, ever again.


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