Vaccine Heroes

By Aaqib Malhi


I’ll be visiting a country which is one of the only three in the world to still have Poliomyelitis, also called Polio. They would have gotten rid of Polio years ago, but they are a different type of anti-vexxor. Vaccines are an American plot to neuter, sterilize, and emasculate Muslim men, you see.

People talk about polio in the past tense, but to me it’s very real. I’ve been vaccinated for polio. It’s three bitter drops of a red-ish liquid poured down your throat. The disease is horrible. I’ve seen kids with deformed limbs, rotting muscle tissue, and partial body paralysis.

Vaccines prevent that.

Vaccine providers are heroes. Maybe not true where you live, but in parts of the world, it’s a job more dangerous than military service. Brave women carry big red coolers containing the polio vaccine through villages and towns alike. You will actually hear them before you see them, the shouts of “Polio! Polio drops!” will make sure of that. But in some parts, you’ll see men with guns following the vaccine providers. It’s because these unsung heroes, these warrior women, who get up every morning with a singular mission of providing life saving medication to babies, they’re routinely assaulted, beaten, and even murdered. Still, like clockwork, the ladies return every year, they do so until every single child below the age of five in a given neighborhood is fully vaccinated. That’s the struggle, the sacrifice, and the personal cost of vaccination in distant parts of the world.

My news feed is saturated with vaccine posts. So this was my take on the ‘controversy’. Peeps be railing real hard against preventive medication. I don’t know about the evil capitalists, but, you sure have an agenda.


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