Behind the Green Veil

I’ve noticed it has become really cool and trendy to pretend to be above all the “woo” about GMOs, and to attack people who have done actual research on this subject for years, and have many genuine concerns. Why do some very reasonable people think GMOs are safe? Because we have seen countless greeny-hipster sites mocking anti-GMO activists. We all have “activism fatigue” to some extent. It’s exhausting to be constantly ridiculed by conservative cave-dwellers who got a lot more mileage than they deserved out of that whole spotted owl thing. We knew we were right about saving a species, but it took a hell of a lot out of us. Wouldn’t it be great to have one token liberal cause that we could all throw under the bus, just to prove we’re not all Chicken Littles, wringing our hands about the falling sky? I’m sorry, but the GMO debate is NOT that cause. We’ve already made the appropriate sacrifice by cutting the cord with anti-vaxxer morons and those chemtrail twits. But GMOs… we’re talking about our FOOD supply. How and when exactly did that issue cross over from anti to pro? Did it really? Says who?


Grassroots organizations are all over Facebook trying to tie anti-GMO activists in with the anti-vaxxers and chemtrail idiots. Our friends post the articles to their pages and ours, parroting soundbites about the improved yields of GMO crops and how they will end starvation on this planet (disproven). Another half dozen articles, all appearing to be from friendly tree-hugger sites, celebrate the scientific consensus that GMOs are safe, complete with a daisy-chain of links that all lead back to the same survey of scientists. Sounds legit.


You hesitate to ask your friend a question about the trustworthiness of the companies in charge of these agricultural breakthroughs because your buddy has already taken a few swipes at the non-believers and threatened to block anyone who doesn’t embrace our fabulous new bionic futurefood. What’s going on here.. why are they so smug and kind of… defensive? There is an air of self-congratulation among the GMO fans. After all, they read the articles that mysteriously drifted into their newsfeed, obviously drawn by the pheromones emitted by all concerned liberals. Gosh, it’s like they know us. Totally grassroots, yo. The shyly amateurish graphics, lending that whiff of non-profit cred, the photos of kids and spunky young women with tousled hair and no makeup, picking berries as friendly Mom and Pop farmers look on with indulgent smiles from behind their folksy fruitstand counter.  All the right lingo is woven through the text.. locally sourced… fair trade… sustainable… They speak our language, they must be our people.  We can relax and love the GMO, whew! And there it is again, the smug satisfaction of having out-witted the fringe left and their penchant for paranoia.


Did it ever occur to you those sites might be fake? I’m sorry to tell you that is a very common practice used to promote conservative ballot measures in California. They are part of the multi-million dollar publicity campaign waged by big corporations disguised as consumer advocacy groups to gain your trust in an industry that is rife with fraud and corruption.


But but but – genetic engineering of plants has gone on for centuries! Yes and no. Making adjustments for the plant’s size, growth rate, color, flavor, seed production, yield, and other changes that are already part of the plant’s genetic code are beneficial and achieved through selection of individual plants that display the desired traits. That is a LONG way from actually integrating a strain of bacteria into the plant to fend off pests, or designing a plant to withstand a carcinogenic herbicide that a chemical company would like to spray with impunity around the plant – your food – while it’s growing, to keep weeds at bay.


Shouldn’t we be concerned that glyphosate is now coming down in RAINWATER? Are you fine with food items that are genetically engineered to withstand being doused with Roundup? Don’t you care that Monsanto’s bribery of a Fox affiliate to fabricate a report that their bovine growth hormone was safe resulted in a lawsuit that now allows all media outlets to lie to the public and gives the networks the right to force their reporters to lie on the air?


The “scientists” calling GMOs safe are all American, and the surveys taken by Pew Research only questioned those who were members of an agricultural committee that was formed by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and several other chemical corporations. This information is readily available by digging deep into the websites where it is published. Next time you are reading pro-GMO spew, try checking the “about” link at the bottom of the page and do some research on the founders of that organization. All pro-GMO leads back to chemical companies every time. As long as our agricultural corporations and chemical corporations are working in sync to manipulate and eliminate safety regulations, no GMO product can be trusted!


Fight Election Burnout!

By Glenn Adams


Now is not the time to draw weary about this election, for the outcome is too important. There’s simply too much at stake to get turned off by anything that gets said. See, Trump and the Republicans would love for Democrats to feel that way. A way in which Democrats will suppress their own votes by not coming out to vote. For every vote that a Democrat does not cast for Hillary Clinton is equivalent to Trump gaining a vote. Yes I am tired of the media constantly engaging in talk about email crap. Yes I am tired of hearing the con man Trump and his surrogates speak about making America great again for I understand what that coded phrase refers to. Yes I am tired about the double standard employed by the media when it comes to Hillary Clinton, and I’m tired about how the Republican Party, even today, continues to hold hearings about an issue that the FBI has already ruled on.

But each day I realize that our country is moving closer to having Hillary Clinton as its next president, so I don’t get anywhere near the point of tuning out. Folks, there’s an old play in politics that is referred to as “political overload”. It is employed by a losing party to try to turn people off completely about the entire process. My suggestion is to filter the crap you hear from the media and from the party of fools, the Republican Party. Understand what is going on and what we all must do down this home stretch of this election. Enjoy the moments that are really starting to take place as Hillary Clinton lays the heavy hammer down on the con man Trump. He ain’t seen anything like what he is about to see. The best has just gotten better. Stay strong with Hillary Clinton all the way, because she will be strong for us.