Fight Election Burnout!

By Glenn Adams


Now is not the time to draw weary about this election, for the outcome is too important. There’s simply too much at stake to get turned off by anything that gets said. See, Trump and the Republicans would love for Democrats to feel that way. A way in which Democrats will suppress their own votes by not coming out to vote. For every vote that a Democrat does not cast for Hillary Clinton is equivalent to Trump gaining a vote. Yes I am tired of the media constantly engaging in talk about email crap. Yes I am tired of hearing the con man Trump and his surrogates speak about making America great again for I understand what that coded phrase refers to. Yes I am tired about the double standard employed by the media when it comes to Hillary Clinton, and I’m tired about how the Republican Party, even today, continues to hold hearings about an issue that the FBI has already ruled on.

But each day I realize that our country is moving closer to having Hillary Clinton as its next president, so I don’t get anywhere near the point of tuning out. Folks, there’s an old play in politics that is referred to as “political overload”. It is employed by a losing party to try to turn people off completely about the entire process. My suggestion is to filter the crap you hear from the media and from the party of fools, the Republican Party. Understand what is going on and what we all must do down this home stretch of this election. Enjoy the moments that are really starting to take place as Hillary Clinton lays the heavy hammer down on the con man Trump. He ain’t seen anything like what he is about to see. The best has just gotten better. Stay strong with Hillary Clinton all the way, because she will be strong for us.


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