Donald Trump Is THAT Kind Of Person

by Steve Rohosky


A very large part of the Republican Party has long been a Neo-Neanderthal, militarily militant, Boys-Will-Be-Boys club. It continues to be a political party dominated by emotionally bankrupt, albeit fabulously financially wealthy white men who cling to militarism as a means of proving to themselves, each other–and the world–they really do have the largest genitalia in the world. This view of self is vitally important to their fragile egos and effects how such males interact with each other and everyone else.

It meshes perfectly with the outmoded view those so called Alpha males have of women as mere objects breathlessly awaiting such manly men, women eager to be conquered. SomeTHING–far more so than someONE–ready, very willing and oh so able to be reduced to nothing more than another notch carved into a pelt, proudly displayed to their knuckle dragging cohorts while dancing around the nightly campfire.

At the same time, in order to expand its voting base, Republicans struck an unholy alliance to become the Party of the self righteously pious religious zealots. This includes the holier than though super riche–remember Mitt(ens) Romney’s condescending “47%” crack about those who will always vote Democratic because they are addicted to “entitlements.”

The extreme values of one or the other of those seemingly paradoxical wings doomed each of the past two GOP presidential nominees. Those same deeply held beliefs (or a decided lack thereof) as displayed by current candidate Donald Trump, have exploded front and center of the public consciousness, in addition to smacking right in the collective kisser of the Republican Old Guard establishment.

Yet the very same über rightist elites who view themselves as kingmakers, along with those religious zealots, all willingly ignored Trump’s LONG history of misogynistic and demeaning commentary, his countless incidents of adultery which lead to a pair of messy divorces, the five children by three different wives.

That high ranking Republicans now attempt to wrap themselves in a glorious cloak of righteous indignation, since multiple videos have surfaced displaying the depth and breadth of Donald Trump’s long held sexism and inability to view the vast majority of women as anything more than just playthings for his pleasure, is pure hypocrisy.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, House Speaker Paul Ryan and even VP nominee Mike Pence have all issued the standard “I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!” statements. Yet, when each hitched their own little wagons to The Donald, all KNEW–or should have known–precisely what kind of person Trump is: he is a P-I-G, pig. Not to mention a tax cheat, a fraud, a malignant narcissist, a pathological liar and hypo maniac.

Trump’s moral compass deems his screwing the married wife of another man as nothing more than a peccadillo, a personal shortcoming. The same holds true for remarks made which show, in his mind, how much he has sexualized his own daughter by declaring her to be “…a piece of ass…with a great body” someone he would “…definitely date, were I not her father.”

Business wise, his penchant for bilking taxpayers, banks and additional financiers, his partners along with other investors, has forced Trump to presently seek funding from predominantly foreign sources as precious few domestic ones will now finance his projects. Further, the way in which he has swindled mobs of small business owners out of billions of dollars for their efforts to supply his various undertakings with goods and/or services, ranks tragically high in the history of American jurisprudence.

THAT is the kind of person he is.

He also has a tax exempt charitable Foundation but never bothered to fill out the state mandated paperwork so the “charity” could publicly solicit contributions–not that it does charitable work, apparently it exists to serve a different purpose–nor has he made any personal contributions to it in nearly nine years.

Speaking of tax exemptions, the truth has finally been revealed as to why he steadfastly refused to release his personal returns: the man has paid NO federal income tax for at least the last two decades. It’s doubtful he paid any state income taxes to either New York or New Jersey, too. Most likely, he has paid nothing stretching all the way back to the mid Seventies. NOT paying taxes makes him “smart,” he sniffed.

Which in Trump World, makes everyone else stupid.

Furthermore, Donald Trump is the kind of person who used his Foundation as a personal slush fund, utilizing it to pay off court ordered fines levied against him for various misdeeds. A large painted portrait of himself hangs in his office, illegally purchased with Foundation funding. A bribe disguised as a campaign “contribution” was given to the State of Florida attorney general, with funds from the Trump Foundation. This so the AG wouldn’t investigate his “university” scam, the one that grifted money from gullible people under the guise they could learn his real estate “secrets.”

THAT kind of person.

Reince Priebus and his crew of establishment elitists have chosen to condemn Trump for behavior the kingmakers, the sanctimonious religious zealots, his sycophants, the idolators, all disregarded to this point. Behavior so willfully ignored whilst borne by an obsessive desperation to maintain control of congress, an ignorance on their parts manifested by the virulent lust for power which grips the uppermost echelons of the Republican Party like a Facehugger from the Alien films.

With Trump rammed down the throat of the rightist extremist established order–against its collective better judgment–by its own electorate, is it any wonder a new political life form burst forth from the twitching carcass of the GOP? Trump is a never before seen political hybrid which weds the absolute worst of both wings of his party then was combined with a person who epitomizes the absolute dregs of human sociopathy. While still maintaining The Donald’s trademark megalomania and raging egomania, of course, not to mention the almost daily demonstrated inability to keep his mouth shut for intervals longer than three seconds.

So now Priebus and the rest of his fellow travelers are stuck with their political monstrosity, one utterly alien to the history of, and totally oblivious to, the decorum of the presidential election process. They have no one to blame but themselves, seeing as how the frenetic fervor for power elucidated by the entire GOP over the past four years has led them down this disastrous political path they chose to traverse.

That the Trump candidacy was supported by the majority of Republicans against the better judgment of much of the Old Guard–GHW Bush, Jeb! Bush and Mitt(ens) Romney, to name but a few–only served to highlight exactly how much of an immensely high risk, possible high reward gamble it has all been.

Despite initially tenuous initial support offered The Candidate by aged party war horses the likes of John McCain and Bob Dole, the gamble will not only cost the GOP the presidency but the senate, too. Add in the chunk of seats Democrats will likely carve out of the current Republican majority in the House and the Trump/Pence ticket could well prove to be the most devastatingly bad presidential pairing perpetuated on the public by either party since Barry Goldwater/William E. Miller in 1964.

For today’s Republican Party is thoroughly deceitful and a complete disgrace. It is the SAME party that has ritualistically sermonized the nation and the world about FAMILY VALUES for decades. Even going so far as to get a severely right leaning Supreme Court to rule women needed the permission of their employer in order to get contraception through company provided health care, in an attempt to force their own religious beliefs onto all working women.

The SAME party passed laws in red state after red state which targeted for closing women’s health care providers and Planned Parenthood facilities. Laws intended to limit the personal freedom and the right of self determination for women in this country.

The Republican Party has moralistically pontificated for decades about an imaginary “war on Christianity,” bombastically prattled about the “Gay mafia” and greatly lamented a perceived decline in the importance of the nuclear family. In response, phony “religious freedom” bills were passed in several states dominated by both a Republican governor and state legislature–VP candidate Mike Pence’s state of Indiana, for one–which legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community and Muslims.

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, a former employee and dedicated tool of the state’s largest utility company, signed into law a bill targeting the bathroom choices for transgender individuals. Bills such as those are meant to do but one thing: deny the constitutional guarantees to all Americans of equal rights and equal protection under the law.

The erstwhile Grand Old Party, which consistently pounds its chest proclaiming a great patriotic love of the US Constitution while continuing attempts to erode it, put into motion a Supreme Court challenge to the Voting Rights Act which when upheld, now restricts the most basic of all American freedoms.

Taking the gutting of part of the VRA further, bright red states passed laws to severely limit the number of days citizens can vote early, many hundreds of polling places were closed, forcing people–predominantly minorities and college age students–to stand five hours or longer in order to have their voices heard. Voter ID laws were passed in many GOP controlled states in attempts to impede the working poor, minorities, even married women, from casting a ballot.

The EXACT SAME political party now tolerates and condones behavior exhibited by Trump which it once excoriated. TV sycophants and Trump idolators make excuses and apologize for his untenable behavior and outlandish statements. Behavior reminiscent of that which the GOP once used to justify its attempt to remove a Democrat from the presidency, twenty years ago.

Disavowing Donald Trump, un-endorsing him, is not enough. All those do is proclaim to the country that while you might find him completely despicable and an all together loathsome person, he is YOUR completely despicable and all together loathsome person.

Exactly what does such rationalization say about the kind of person who supports Trump???


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