Seeing Trump For What He Truly Is

by Steve Rohosky


After spending a portion of the day listening to a procession of Donald Trump sycophants attack a messenger, Jessica Leeds, rather than her message of his trying to sexually force himself onto her, things need to be said.

On the issue of the timing of Ms. Leeds coming forward: it is NOT for anyone, certainly not for a failed campaign manager–ehhh…Corey Lewandowski–to decide when and/or if a woman is prepared to come forward to publicly reveal exactly and in what manner she was sexually assaulted. Period. Not open for discussion. Simply because a woman chooses to keep it to herself DOES NOT mean it didn’t happen, nor does it make it any LESS relevant. No matter how many years or decades latter the revelation takes place.

Whether or not the several women coming forward NOW was politically motivated: Trump HIMSELF motivated Ms. Leeds and others to come forward by denying he ever forced himself onto a woman, during the second debate. Prior to that denial, Ms Reed told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, she thought the assault perpetrated against her just wasn’t important enough to bring up. But she became furious when The Donald claimed he was guilty of no such behavior.

Trump’s defense: Go ahead, look at them…Would I bother to assault THEM?!?: This said at a rally on Thursday after Natasha Stoynoff, a writer for People Magazine, became the second woman in two days to come forward by writing an article detailing her own personal experience with Trump’s lascivious behavior. So going back to the Carly Fiorinaesque insults concerning a woman’s looks seemed like a good defensive measure to him? Really?? It’s almost as if the man was bragging: They aren’t attractive enough for me to assault, cause I only force myself on REAL “..pieces of ass.” So take that!

The idolators and Trump excusers can attempt to spin this any way they like but the fact remains: He brought these further allegations upon himself by proclaiming in front of a televised debate audience of 60 million that nobody respects women more than himself and when pointedly questioned, Donald Trump answered no, he has never forced himself on a woman.

Did he actually believe no woman would dare come forward at this point? Or has he just done this SO MANY times he is completely clueless as to the number of those he groped, acted inappropriately with, violated, assaulted, purposely went backstage of a pageant while young women–including teens as young as 13–were half or completely undressed, over the decades??

Republicans like to decry “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare by claiming the costs are no longer affordable. Whatever the expenditure of those programs, the cost pales in comparison to the damage done by a wealthy elitist such as Donald Trump who believe laws don’t apply to the likes of him. That because he’s a “star,” he can get away with any behavior, any action, he chooses. Or not paying taxes for decades makes him “smart,” and by extension, everyone who DOES is stupid.

Those of us who see Trump for what he truly is, not as do the millions who view the man only for how they wish him to be, needn’t be told how disastrous it would be for our children and grandchildren, for the nation, the world, should this person become the next president.

The oath taken by whomever wins this election: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The only thing Donald Trump would be preserving and protecting would be himself. As the leader of the free world, nothing would be “free,”–not speech, certainly not the press. Anyone who doubts this need only look at the man’s long history of ignoring laws, believing himself above the law. We’ve already had one such president, Richard M. Nixon.

We definitely don’t need another.


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