Reject False Equivalency

The purpose of the government is to protect the general public from the abuses of wealthy individuals and corporations. Democrats are the only true representatives of individual freedom. We protect the poor, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and families, we support universal health care, we keep the economy stable, we create jobs, we fight tirelessly for civil rights, we protect the environment, and we re-establish America’s reputation around the world as a benevolent leader, after war-for-profit GOP scumbags trash our good name over and over again. 

All Republican politicians are political shills, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers, Big Oil, and the MIC. Every agenda Teabaggers, Republicans and Libertarians pursue serves to increase the power of wealthy individuals and corporations, to the extreme detriment of society. They give tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals who did NOT work for their wealth, as the middle class does, but inherited it from their robber-baron ancestors. Republicans give subsidies to gross polluters like Exxon, even though they have posted record profits through the entire duration of the recession. Republicans attack social safety nets, threatening the very lives of seniors, and leaving the most vulnerable of citizens living hand to mouth, just one paycheck from the street. Republicans wage war on the individual rights of women to control their own bodies, while promoting the rights of bullies to open-carry loaded weapons in public, even in schools. Republicans cut budgets for education, and then demand that their personal religious dogma is given equal time in class with science. Republicans demonize desperate immigrant children, sending them back across the border to face many dangers, including starvation and murder.

And the most UN-American agenda of all: Republicans attack the election process, on which our very democracy is based! Republicans overturn desperately needed protections for voting rights, they use gerrymandering and unnecessary voter ID hurdles to target populations that do not favor their political party. Republicans illegally remove people from voting rolls, and hire criminals to set up fake registration booths to collect registration cards, discarding the ones who register as Democrats. Republicans rig electronic voting machines, delivering them pre-loaded to the polls with their party’s votes. Republicans shorten voting hours, Republicans eliminate polling sites, Republicans make people wait in line for hours until they give up. Republicans file illegal challenges to voting status of minority voters. Republicans block poll helpers from offering water and chairs to seniors forced to wait in the hot sun for hours. But all of their efforts to cheat us, and deprive us of basic human rights only make us more determined to fight their sick little cult of hate.

One thing that all liberals need to address is our tendency to project our own sense of fair play onto those who have not demonstrated this characteristic independently. Stop trying to rescue the hateful and the horrible by imbuing them with an integrity they do not possess. It is simply a fact that the truth has a liberal bias. Common decency has a liberal bias. The political positions that have the best consequences for people and the planet are all liberal viewpoints. To give equal weight to conservative ideas is not fairness- it is putting a thumb on the scale on the side of conservatism to present a contrived neutrality. The moral and ethical high road belongs to liberals. It’s time that we defend it aggressively.


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