Elizabeth Warren, The Darling of the Alt-left, is Just Another Stealth 1%er Like Bernie

Elizabeth Warren has built quite a brand for herself as the Senate’s own mouse that roared. Unfortunately, this little rodent has a single-note repertoire. Launching her brand on the ashes of Occupy Wall Street, she tuned her dog whistle to play the Banks are Bad anthem,  ginning up Les Milquetoast Miserables into a furious mob of … bank haters. Unfortunately, this brand of leftist fauxletariat angst speaks only to the $4 latte generation, sidelining racial and LGBT discrimination as “identity politics”, and reducing reproductive choice to a disposable bargaining chip.

It’s so rare for her to talk about anything but Wall Street that she cannot be considered an ally in any sense of the word. She simply isn’t present for disenfranchised people. The dialogue her constituents need from her doesn’t have a place to start- she uses her Senate office like a bunker, and her podium as a shield. People and their needs are inconvenient. Taking a page out of Bernie’s book, she assures us that economic equality will magically reach everyone. Discrimination will simply evaporate under the blinding glare of  equity, once a higher minimum wage is passed.

Like Bernie, Warren’s general manner of speaking is childish and rife with cliches about the evils of millionaires and bankers. Warren and Sanders have both managed to demonize the generic and mythical collective called “Wall Street”, completely ignoring the fact that many people who work in money management industries and banking are responsible, ethical, and honest LIBERALS who contribute their wealth back into the community by supporting progressive candidates. The websites tracking where funding comes from will list these individuals under their employers’ names, making it appear the corporation itself is making the donations. This is a grossly irresponsible flaw on the part of the data collectors, even though they have posted disclaimers in bright red letters on their sites making it clear the donations come from individuals.

As far as trade agreements go, America is dead in the water economically if we do not participate in the world market. Hillary demanded worker protections for the TPP- everyone else just wanted to scrap it, which is childish and destructive. A nuanced and pragmatic approach to financial regulations is critical for a healthy economy and this is an important discussion that should not be boiled down to short soundbytes.

Warren would be a weak contender for 2020. Her Twitter war with Trump was embarrassing and tacky. The GOP has won entire elections on slogans- let’s not normalize the exchange of 140 character salvos as an acceptable means of discourse, either for campaigning or for the main avenue through which politicians communicate with the public. We need to return to press conferences and written communiqués that are well thought-out and can be taken seriously. If you mean what you say, you shouldn’t be afraid to go on the record and explain yourself in depth, and we cannot demand the same of our adversaries if we sink to their level of petty insults.

The alt-left have made it clear they are fully willing to spoil elections without remorse, and the media is complicit by helping them brand TRUE Democrats as “establishment”. WE need to call out the alt-left for being FAKE progressives. They are nothing but a playpen full of agitprop babies, teething on Guevarian myths of gonzo-revolutionary glory, sanitized almost to Disney standards to downplay the failure of these little bloodbaths and the bigotry and oppression waged against disenfranchised groups by their own heroes. Che Guevara was a racist who oppressed black Cubans and murdered LGBT people, burned books, and banned music. In the name of freedom.

Bernie Sanders has dismissed social justice as “identity politics”, releasing privileged white racists and misogynists from any responsibility they have toward leveling the playing field or even protecting the basic civil liberties of disenfranchised groups. That doesn’t stop Warren and Sanders from draping themselves in the slang and rhetoric of revolution to make themselves appear relevant and connected to a generation they only seek to deceive. They have identified a niche of lazy and narcissistic neophytes, ripe for the picking. Bernie launched his presidential bid on campuses, deliberately confusing and recruiting inexperienced new voters in order to cripple the Democratic Party for his life-long agenda of clearing the way for a handful of ego-tripping 3rd party politicians who cannot attract a following on their accomplishments and platform alone. Elizabeth Warren has been only too happy to ride his coattails, with an equally short list of personal accomplishments. Actions speak louder than words, but the alt-left is determined to drown us out by sheer volume. Strangely, when you turn the dial up to eleven, you can hear Russian voices in the background. 


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