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Isn’t it about time for a sperm tax?

All pregnancies are caused by men allowing their sperm to leave their bodies.
And in 99.9999999% cases of conception, the man has not only allowed the sperm to leave his body, he has deliberately placed the sperm in the reproductive organs of a woman.

A woman is never solely responsible for a pregnancy, and a man always is, because, no matter what a woman says or does, no pregnancy will be caused by her actions.
She never has control of sperm, even after it is placed in her body, so every pregnancy is caused by a man either accidentally failing or deliberately refusing to keep his sperm inside his own body.

All men whose bodies produce sperm should be paying a reproduction hazard tax just because they have the potential to cause pregnancies, and that money should be available to women, no questions asked, to pay for any reproduction-related expenses, from pap smears, to pelvic exams, to birth control, to abortion, to prenatal healthcare, to child birth, to pediatric care, to daycare, to pediatric orthodontia, to college tuition.
motherhood penalty
In the U.S., women are oppressed, punished, fined, denied political power, and denied economic power, by society and by government institutions, based on pregnancy, because, apparently, our society and government don’t know that men cause pregnancies.

Women in the U.S. are required to shoulder the economic burden of reproduction while simultaneously being denied the economic power we need in order to do that, and the irony is that a woman’s¬†potential for reproduction is cited as the excuse for repressing the economic power she¬†needs in order to pay for reproduction.

The sole reason for gender-based economic inequality is reproduction.
Reproduction is used as the excuse to deny women jobs, to deny women advancement opportunities in their jobs, and to pay women less, and the glaring injustice of it is that we’re not the ones who should be paying for the costs of reproduction, because we don’t even cause reproduction – men do.