Stay the (boring) Course!

People throw the words “change” and “reform” around, but they don’t mean anything at all. It’s a dangerous concept to just talk about wanting something different without being specific. What ends up happening when we do that is people just latch on to “change” and think that anything different is good. That’s how the GOP ended up with the Tea Party.
The Democratic Party put a black dude into the White House twice. We then ran a woman on the most progressive platform in history, and she WON the election. Obama + Hillary = a mandate for coalition Dems! Tell me EXACTLY what needs to change when these landmark events PROVE that the Democratic Party is PRECISELY on the right track, and the LAST thing we should do is CHANGE ANYTHING that we are doing!? Would a football team that just won the Superbowl fire their coach? That is what the alt-left DID by replacing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz with Tom Perez! We essentially fired our coach and invited the competing team’s quarterback in to pick our future players. While they are still playing for the other team. Really fucking stupid.
People need to accept the general boredom of politics and remember that they have a CIVIC DUTY to be involved in the process. It’s unacceptable to refuse to vote or to cast a protest vote. Looking for a firebrand candidate plays into the cult of personality. It’s shallow, superficial, reckless, and IRRESPONSIBLE. Experience MATTERS. Substance MATTERS. Past achievements MATTER. It takes time, money and power to take on the GOP. Candidates spend YEARS preparing for elections. To punish them for being prepared is absurd and obscene! The GOP wields monstrous power against us. We need every dime we can get and not one single vote is expendable for a tantrum or to “send a message”, not even in a solidly blue state. When people do that, they basically inflate the numbers for the 3rd party challengers, which does nothing but encourage spoiler candidates to set us up for another loss in the future. It’s arrogant and stupid to do this.
We need to take hold of the “What about ME?” narrative and do some schooling. American voters are narcissistic babies. They demand that candidates visit THEIR town and kiss their asses personally in order to earn their votes. This is extremely expensive, and a huge waste of time, not to mention very tiring on the candidates. Hillary was walking around with goddamned PNEUMONIA and there were still people saying they didn’t vote for her because she didn’t include their stupid backwater shithole town on her tour. Campaign resources would be better spent buying TV ads to explain the platform to people who don’t follow politics. Every aspect of a candidate’s political positions, personal viewpoints, and history of achievements is readily available online. It’s stunning that people can’t take a couple of HOURS out of their lives to do a little research on the candidates, but they’ll travel a hundred miles to attend a rally or a protest (cheap date).
I understand that we want younger voters to become excited about politics. Unfortunately, this has been sold to them as “Here is how YOU can utilize politics to make YOURSELF seem more interesting”, with the result being that these new voters will support the candidate that presents the most extreme attention-grabbing viewpoint and panders to their egos, building them up as revolutionary heroes and bribing them with freebies. Normalizing candidate branding with idiotic slogans like “Feel the Bern” and “Make America Great Again” has turned our elections into an insipid Coke vs. Pepsi challenge. Who the hell RAISED these morons? Gah. If you have kids, talk to them about politics. YES when they are 7, 8, 9. Don’t wait until they go away to college and hate you. And so what if they hate you. Stop kissing their asses and stand up for your principles! You KNOW Bernie is a scumbag. Grab that selfie stick out of their mitts and hold it hostage until they LISTEN. We need to reel this mess back in before it’s too late. #GrowTheFuckUpAmerica

Elizabeth Warren, The Darling of the Alt-left, is Just Another Stealth 1%er Like Bernie

Elizabeth Warren has built quite a brand for herself as the Senate’s own mouse that roared. Unfortunately, this little rodent has a single-note repertoire. Launching her brand on the ashes of Occupy Wall Street, she tuned her dog whistle to play the Banks are Bad anthem,  ginning up Les Milquetoast Miserables into a furious mob of … bank haters. Unfortunately, this brand of leftist fauxletariat angst speaks only to the $4 latte generation, sidelining racial and LGBT discrimination as “identity politics”, and reducing reproductive choice to a disposable bargaining chip.

It’s so rare for her to talk about anything but Wall Street that she cannot be considered an ally in any sense of the word. She simply isn’t present for disenfranchised people. The dialogue her constituents need from her doesn’t have a place to start- she uses her Senate office like a bunker, and her podium as a shield. People and their needs are inconvenient. Taking a page out of Bernie’s book, she assures us that economic equality will magically reach everyone. Discrimination will simply evaporate under the blinding glare of  equity, once a higher minimum wage is passed.

Like Bernie, Warren’s general manner of speaking is childish and rife with cliches about the evils of millionaires and bankers. Warren and Sanders have both managed to demonize the generic and mythical collective called “Wall Street”, completely ignoring the fact that many people who work in money management industries and banking are responsible, ethical, and honest LIBERALS who contribute their wealth back into the community by supporting progressive candidates. The websites tracking where funding comes from will list these individuals under their employers’ names, making it appear the corporation itself is making the donations. This is a grossly irresponsible flaw on the part of the data collectors, even though they have posted disclaimers in bright red letters on their sites making it clear the donations come from individuals.

As far as trade agreements go, America is dead in the water economically if we do not participate in the world market. Hillary demanded worker protections for the TPP- everyone else just wanted to scrap it, which is childish and destructive. A nuanced and pragmatic approach to financial regulations is critical for a healthy economy and this is an important discussion that should not be boiled down to short soundbytes.

Warren would be a weak contender for 2020. Her Twitter war with Trump was embarrassing and tacky. The GOP has won entire elections on slogans- let’s not normalize the exchange of 140 character salvos as an acceptable means of discourse, either for campaigning or for the main avenue through which politicians communicate with the public. We need to return to press conferences and written communiqués that are well thought-out and can be taken seriously. If you mean what you say, you shouldn’t be afraid to go on the record and explain yourself in depth, and we cannot demand the same of our adversaries if we sink to their level of petty insults.

The alt-left have made it clear they are fully willing to spoil elections without remorse, and the media is complicit by helping them brand TRUE Democrats as “establishment”. WE need to call out the alt-left for being FAKE progressives. They are nothing but a playpen full of agitprop babies, teething on Guevarian myths of gonzo-revolutionary glory, sanitized almost to Disney standards to downplay the failure of these little bloodbaths and the bigotry and oppression waged against disenfranchised groups by their own heroes. Che Guevara was a racist who oppressed black Cubans and murdered LGBT people, burned books, and banned music. In the name of freedom.

Bernie Sanders has dismissed social justice as “identity politics”, releasing privileged white racists and misogynists from any responsibility they have toward leveling the playing field or even protecting the basic civil liberties of disenfranchised groups. That doesn’t stop Warren and Sanders from draping themselves in the slang and rhetoric of revolution to make themselves appear relevant and connected to a generation they only seek to deceive. They have identified a niche of lazy and narcissistic neophytes, ripe for the picking. Bernie launched his presidential bid on campuses, deliberately confusing and recruiting inexperienced new voters in order to cripple the Democratic Party for his life-long agenda of clearing the way for a handful of ego-tripping 3rd party politicians who cannot attract a following on their accomplishments and platform alone. Elizabeth Warren has been only too happy to ride his coattails, with an equally short list of personal accomplishments. Actions speak louder than words, but the alt-left is determined to drown us out by sheer volume. Strangely, when you turn the dial up to eleven, you can hear Russian voices in the background. 

Experience vs. Endurance – The Disaster of Turning Political Activism into a Triathlon

I’m sure I’m not the first person who was deliberately pushed out of a job in which younger workers were preferred. The means used to get rid of the older workers was a series of tough projects that “required” us to put in multiple 48-hour stints to meet an arbitrary deadline. This has become a common practice to get rid of workers who have been around long enough to see their paychecks pick up a few raises more than the company would prefer to pay. Aside from being unethical and ageist. this practice is creating a generation of workers who actually believe their physical stamina makes them superior to experienced workers.

Age-baiting has become commonplace in political campaigns, with younger candidates talking about their energy and attacking their opponents for minor illnesses. Dismissing decades of knowledge and life experience is not only rude, it’s dangerous and destructive. On social media, older activists are also seeing a spectacular degree of dishonesty from the people who age-bait, as we see a trend emerging in which evidence that is presented to them is ignored out of hand, in favor of alt-left hearsay. At some point, information itself became tainted with an expiration date, regardless of whether or not it was disproved or new information replaced it. If your facts are somehow not connected with “breaking news”, don’t expect your point of view to be considered validated. “Ghosting” on a debate is the new version of getting the last word in.

60’s activists read books and newspapers from all over the world. They were artists, writers, musicians, and scholars who recognized the value of knowledge and the importance of forming a cohesive resistance against corporatism. The majority of them made immense personal sacrifices, giving up the security of their families and jobs in order to challenge the bigotry, sexism, and creative stagnation of society.

They transformed and enhanced the Democratic Party, and their efforts were rewarded by the emergence of strong liberal candidates like Kennedy and McGovern. They immersed themselves in politics and understood history better than most college professors. They saw the evidence that incremental progress created positive changes that lasted. They were willing to take the long view and protect the advancements of those who paved the way before them. They never rested on their laurels, understanding that our civil liberties are fragile, and along with our public safety nets, will always be a target for a parasitic class of shameless profiteers.

These old warriors are slipping into the sunset now, battle-weary and sick at heart. They have every reason to be despondent, as so few of the newest activists are worthy or willing to carry their torches forward with the integrity and commitment necessary for the complex battles that lie ahead.

Fame is the new coin of the realm, and today’s mewling tantrum throwers care only to make a name for themselves, cynically calculating every move and wardrobe change as it relates to their personal branding. Their self worth is measured by their popularity on social media. They reject the progress that was already underway because the credit is already assigned to someone else. The younger generation wants recognition, they want notoriety, either good or bad. They crave a form of virally explosive glory. Political activism offers an avenue to a special kind of warrior cred.  Positive change can be accomplished toward this end. Unfortunately, they just don’t want to do the work. Destructive activities deliver the drug of fame much faster and with less effort.

A revolution is for a nation in decline. Ours was a country in recovery, as evidenced by our ability to elect Barack Obama twice, and to witness the first woman presidential candidate in history win more votes than any other candidate other than Obama himself. There is just no way to justify a backlash against such a beautifully successful movement that was just starting to exert real strength on so many fronts.

I turned 18 in 1982. I was grateful to the generations of liberals who came before me and I respected their achievements. I did my part without worrying about my image or wondering if I would ever get on TV or receive a million hits on a blog. I never had a problem with the idea of “toiling in obscurity”. Have decades of reality TV and the concept of being famous just for being famous created a generation of mirror-dwelling attention addicts?

The solipsism of a third generation of latchkey kids collided with the narcissistic entitlement of the first wave of helicopter children, and the macro lens that engulfed them both demanded that they recreate the world in their own image, recasting liberal heroes as establishment villains who must be shipped off to Shady Pines lest Western Civilization fester and collapse in an endless string of lanai decks in a quiet suburb of Miami. But hey, isn’t it a good thing that SOMEONE is out there reaming the Kochfunded oligarchs? Unfortunately, the kids have decided THAT war is already lost, it’s somehow OUR fault that cheating, gerrymandering and voter suppression happened, and it’s somehow our responsibility alone to clean up that mess.

In true T-Ball Champion form, the “Our Revolution” crew has decided to simply duck the GOP’s knuckleballs, letting them just zing past their heads, while they bunt with all the bases loaded, whining that the exhausted old-school activists aren’t clocking that ball over exactly the right board in the right section of the back fence so they can saunter on home with plenty of time to snag that unicorn latte. If we can’t hit a triple with every swing, we’re benched, never mind that we got the team to the Series in the first place. In this era of age-baiting, experience means you’ve been around too long. The more you know, the closer you are to being dead. That would be fine if they wanted the information that we have gleaned throughout our decades on this planet, but they would rather reinvent the wheel, no matter how much blood must be spilled for that magical “I Carved An Axle” participation trophy.

It’s my torch. I’ll pass it when you actually start fighting the bad guys.

Reject False Equivalency

The purpose of the government is to protect the general public from the abuses of wealthy individuals and corporations. Democrats are the only true representatives of individual freedom. We protect the poor, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and families, we support universal health care, we keep the economy stable, we create jobs, we fight tirelessly for civil rights, we protect the environment, and we re-establish America’s reputation around the world as a benevolent leader, after war-for-profit GOP scumbags trash our good name over and over again. 

All Republican politicians are political shills, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers, Big Oil, and the MIC. Every agenda Teabaggers, Republicans and Libertarians pursue serves to increase the power of wealthy individuals and corporations, to the extreme detriment of society. They give tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals who did NOT work for their wealth, as the middle class does, but inherited it from their robber-baron ancestors. Republicans give subsidies to gross polluters like Exxon, even though they have posted record profits through the entire duration of the recession. Republicans attack social safety nets, threatening the very lives of seniors, and leaving the most vulnerable of citizens living hand to mouth, just one paycheck from the street. Republicans wage war on the individual rights of women to control their own bodies, while promoting the rights of bullies to open-carry loaded weapons in public, even in schools. Republicans cut budgets for education, and then demand that their personal religious dogma is given equal time in class with science. Republicans demonize desperate immigrant children, sending them back across the border to face many dangers, including starvation and murder.

And the most UN-American agenda of all: Republicans attack the election process, on which our very democracy is based! Republicans overturn desperately needed protections for voting rights, they use gerrymandering and unnecessary voter ID hurdles to target populations that do not favor their political party. Republicans illegally remove people from voting rolls, and hire criminals to set up fake registration booths to collect registration cards, discarding the ones who register as Democrats. Republicans rig electronic voting machines, delivering them pre-loaded to the polls with their party’s votes. Republicans shorten voting hours, Republicans eliminate polling sites, Republicans make people wait in line for hours until they give up. Republicans file illegal challenges to voting status of minority voters. Republicans block poll helpers from offering water and chairs to seniors forced to wait in the hot sun for hours. But all of their efforts to cheat us, and deprive us of basic human rights only make us more determined to fight their sick little cult of hate.

One thing that all liberals need to address is our tendency to project our own sense of fair play onto those who have not demonstrated this characteristic independently. Stop trying to rescue the hateful and the horrible by imbuing them with an integrity they do not possess. It is simply a fact that the truth has a liberal bias. Common decency has a liberal bias. The political positions that have the best consequences for people and the planet are all liberal viewpoints. To give equal weight to conservative ideas is not fairness- it is putting a thumb on the scale on the side of conservatism to present a contrived neutrality. The moral and ethical high road belongs to liberals. It’s time that we defend it aggressively.

Behind the Green Veil

I’ve noticed it has become really cool and trendy to pretend to be above all the “woo” about GMOs, and to attack people who have done actual research on this subject for years, and have many genuine concerns. Why do some very reasonable people think GMOs are safe? Because we have seen countless greeny-hipster sites mocking anti-GMO activists. We all have “activism fatigue” to some extent. It’s exhausting to be constantly ridiculed by conservative cave-dwellers who got a lot more mileage than they deserved out of that whole spotted owl thing. We knew we were right about saving a species, but it took a hell of a lot out of us. Wouldn’t it be great to have one token liberal cause that we could all throw under the bus, just to prove we’re not all Chicken Littles, wringing our hands about the falling sky? I’m sorry, but the GMO debate is NOT that cause. We’ve already made the appropriate sacrifice by cutting the cord with anti-vaxxer morons and those chemtrail twits. But GMOs… we’re talking about our FOOD supply. How and when exactly did that issue cross over from anti to pro? Did it really? Says who?


Grassroots organizations are all over Facebook trying to tie anti-GMO activists in with the anti-vaxxers and chemtrail idiots. Our friends post the articles to their pages and ours, parroting soundbites about the improved yields of GMO crops and how they will end starvation on this planet (disproven). Another half dozen articles, all appearing to be from friendly tree-hugger sites, celebrate the scientific consensus that GMOs are safe, complete with a daisy-chain of links that all lead back to the same survey of scientists. Sounds legit.


You hesitate to ask your friend a question about the trustworthiness of the companies in charge of these agricultural breakthroughs because your buddy has already taken a few swipes at the non-believers and threatened to block anyone who doesn’t embrace our fabulous new bionic futurefood. What’s going on here.. why are they so smug and kind of… defensive? There is an air of self-congratulation among the GMO fans. After all, they read the articles that mysteriously drifted into their newsfeed, obviously drawn by the pheromones emitted by all concerned liberals. Gosh, it’s like they know us. Totally grassroots, yo. The shyly amateurish graphics, lending that whiff of non-profit cred, the photos of kids and spunky young women with tousled hair and no makeup, picking berries as friendly Mom and Pop farmers look on with indulgent smiles from behind their folksy fruitstand counter.  All the right lingo is woven through the text.. locally sourced… fair trade… sustainable… They speak our language, they must be our people.  We can relax and love the GMO, whew! And there it is again, the smug satisfaction of having out-witted the fringe left and their penchant for paranoia.


Did it ever occur to you those sites might be fake? I’m sorry to tell you that is a very common practice used to promote conservative ballot measures in California. They are part of the multi-million dollar publicity campaign waged by big corporations disguised as consumer advocacy groups to gain your trust in an industry that is rife with fraud and corruption.


But but but – genetic engineering of plants has gone on for centuries! Yes and no. Making adjustments for the plant’s size, growth rate, color, flavor, seed production, yield, and other changes that are already part of the plant’s genetic code are beneficial and achieved through selection of individual plants that display the desired traits. That is a LONG way from actually integrating a strain of bacteria into the plant to fend off pests, or designing a plant to withstand a carcinogenic herbicide that a chemical company would like to spray with impunity around the plant – your food – while it’s growing, to keep weeds at bay.


Shouldn’t we be concerned that glyphosate is now coming down in RAINWATER? Are you fine with food items that are genetically engineered to withstand being doused with Roundup? Don’t you care that Monsanto’s bribery of a Fox affiliate to fabricate a report that their bovine growth hormone was safe resulted in a lawsuit that now allows all media outlets to lie to the public and gives the networks the right to force their reporters to lie on the air?


The “scientists” calling GMOs safe are all American, and the surveys taken by Pew Research only questioned those who were members of an agricultural committee that was formed by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and several other chemical corporations. This information is readily available by digging deep into the websites where it is published. Next time you are reading pro-GMO spew, try checking the “about” link at the bottom of the page and do some research on the founders of that organization. All pro-GMO leads back to chemical companies every time. As long as our agricultural corporations and chemical corporations are working in sync to manipulate and eliminate safety regulations, no GMO product can be trusted!

From Debbie to Bernie~ Not Quite a Love Letter

By Jennifer Lee


We Democrats have reached the end of our tether. It’s time for the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to pull the plug on the maudlin tragedy that is the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. Debbie, you are really such a very sweet lady, I am sure you must cringe at the thought of such an unpleasant task, so I decided to help you out:

Dear Senator Sanders,

You LOST the election and your behavior leading up to that point has been the most deplorable we have seen in many decades. You have STOLEN data from another candidate, incited your supporters to perpetrate bullying against our honest, hardworking loyal Democratic Party voters as they tried to hear other candidates speak or attend caucuses, you have published contact data of superdelegates and instructed your followers to harass them, you have denigrated our beloved civil rights heroes, you have shown contempt and disrespect toward the advocacy groups who have supported us throughout our lives, and you have even attacked the President of the United States!

We have been more than patient with your antics, forgiving you time and time again. We have endured your insults and attacks on our character for months, hoping you would eventually register the complaints about this conduct and behave in a more civilized manner. Instead, you were emboldened by our lack of retaliation, and continued with more aggressive and uglier attacks, often recycling GOP-manufactured smears, lies, and hackneyed talking points. We gritted our teeth, knowing the end of the primary race was near, and you would soon concede and endorse Hillary.

Instead, you decided to deny your loss and defy reality, and that leaves us in an especially unpleasant position. Owing to the fact that your actions have all been in bad faith up to this point, we have no reason to believe you will keep any kind of a bargain. Such discussions will therefore cease. Your endorsement no longer has any value to our nominee, as your hostile demeanor and deceitful dealings with the Democratic Party throughout this election cycle do not represent the ethics of a person whose endorsement would enhance the standing of the recipient in any conceivable way.

Furthermore, Senator, you and your wife have indicated you intend to start a new party based on your own democratic socialist ideology. It is therefore incumbent upon the Democratic Party to protect our election process from sabotage intended to weaken our own candidates against those that your new party plans to promote in future elections. All of your demands are hereby solidly REJECTED. We will keep the superdelegate system in place as is, we will work with state Democratic leaders to close all primary elections, and caucuses will be eliminated. Non-Democrats will never again be allowed to run on our party’s ticket.

Regarding the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee, you will guarantee a cancellation of all protests and plans of disruption at the convention or you and your selected committee members will be removed from the committee. You have 24 hours to comply. Failure to persuade your protesters to turn in their demonstration permits will result in your being banned from attending the convention. Violence and THREATS of violence will not be tolerated by the Democratic Party. We won’t be holding our breath waiting for your response.

I’m still here- suck it, loser!

DWS  🙂

Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

by Jennifer Lee

This is the most important election of our lives. This may be your first time at the rodeo, but this rodeo is not like any of the others that came before it. This time, our rights are not protected by the Voting Rights Act. There is no margin for error. We cannot merely win, we must win by a landslide to make up for the inevitable cheating the Republicans will perpetrate everywhere the opportunity presents itself. If we lose, we cannot make it up in the next election. There will be no “next election” for non-conservatives, the GOP will make sure of that.

The next president will be selecting 3 – 4 new justices to serve life terms on the Supreme Court. If the Democratic Party nominee wins, we have the chance to shift the balance of the SCOTUS to the most staunchly liberal position in history. If civil liberties matter to you, this should be your goal above all else.

If the Republican nominee wins, the Supreme Court will be re-populated with the most dangerous hardcore conservative religious zealots to ever sit the bench. And they will control this nation for DECADES.

Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.

The Democratic Party has elected Hillary Clinton as our nominee. She won fairly and by a wide margin. Whether you like it or not, supporting our candidate is the only way to keep the Supreme Court out of Republican hands. Refusing to do your part is certainly a statement- it is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a misogynist, because you are willing to gamble with Roe v. Wade. Not only will abortion be made universally illegal across the country, but further steps will be taken to outlaw birth control and investigate miscarriages as potential homicides. The bills are already written and waiting for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Hundreds of bills are waiting, in every conservative state, for that one SCOTUS decision that will pitch women back into the dark ages.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are anti-LGBT, because you are willing to let every same-sex marriage be dissolved and allow such unions to be banned. Adoptions will be reversed and children who were raised by same-sex couples will end up in foster care. Again, the bills are written, waiting for the right SCOTUS to gut civil liberties.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are not concerned with the health and well-being of your fellow Americans. The ACA will be repealed immediately, along with every program that provides health care to the needy, elderly, veterans and disabled. Privatization will push healthcare out of the reach of most people. The seriously ill will die first, then those with pre-existing conditions who cannot continue treatment. Infant mortality will skyrocket. Quality of life will be reserved for the financially secure, as the rest of us go bankrupt and lose our homes due to hospital bills.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are an unconscionable bigot of the lowest order, callously dooming MILLIONS of innocent civilians to death in the next inevitable war started by the new GOP president. All of the GOP candidates have promised to tear up the peace agreement with Iran. If you are willing to gamble this fragile treaty, even as Iranians show their hope and optimism with their own democratic elections, you are unabashedly a racist, viewing the lives of Middle Eastern people as disposable.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a nihilist, willing to bet the very last opportunity we will EVER have of stopping global warming before it reaches the point of no return. This is it. There are no second chances. A loss in this particular election will keep the dark money in politics, geometrically expanding it past any chance of having a truly free democratic election in this nation for many decades. How much damage did George Bush manage to do to our country, our lives, our planet, in just eight years? How much damage will the Republican Party do to the world if they are in control for SEVERAL DECADES?

Famine, disease, drought and suffering will be commonplace around the globe. Yes, that is how important this ONE election really IS. Your actions have repercussions, and you will be sharing the planet with the people you fucked over. And we will know who did it and why.

Think about that.