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Seeing Trump For What He Truly Is

by Steve Rohosky


After spending a portion of the day listening to a procession of Donald Trump sycophants attack a messenger, Jessica Leeds, rather than her message of his trying to sexually force himself onto her, things need to be said.

On the issue of the timing of Ms. Leeds coming forward: it is NOT for anyone, certainly not for a failed campaign manager–ehhh…Corey Lewandowski–to decide when and/or if a woman is prepared to come forward to publicly reveal exactly and in what manner she was sexually assaulted. Period. Not open for discussion. Simply because a woman chooses to keep it to herself DOES NOT mean it didn’t happen, nor does it make it any LESS relevant. No matter how many years or decades latter the revelation takes place.

Whether or not the several women coming forward NOW was politically motivated: Trump HIMSELF motivated Ms. Leeds and others to come forward by denying he ever forced himself onto a woman, during the second debate. Prior to that denial, Ms Reed told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, she thought the assault perpetrated against her just wasn’t important enough to bring up. But she became furious when The Donald claimed he was guilty of no such behavior.

Trump’s defense: Go ahead, look at them…Would I bother to assault THEM?!?: This said at a rally on Thursday after Natasha Stoynoff, a writer for People Magazine, became the second woman in two days to come forward by writing an article detailing her own personal experience with Trump’s lascivious behavior. So going back to the Carly Fiorinaesque insults concerning a woman’s looks seemed like a good defensive measure to him? Really?? It’s almost as if the man was bragging: They aren’t attractive enough for me to assault, cause I only force myself on REAL “..pieces of ass.” So take that!

The idolators and Trump excusers can attempt to spin this any way they like but the fact remains: He brought these further allegations upon himself by proclaiming in front of a televised debate audience of 60 million that nobody respects women more than himself and when pointedly questioned, Donald Trump answered no, he has never forced himself on a woman.

Did he actually believe no woman would dare come forward at this point? Or has he just done this SO MANY times he is completely clueless as to the number of those he groped, acted inappropriately with, violated, assaulted, purposely went backstage of a pageant while young women–including teens as young as 13–were half or completely undressed, over the decades??

Republicans like to decry “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare by claiming the costs are no longer affordable. Whatever the expenditure of those programs, the cost pales in comparison to the damage done by a wealthy elitist such as Donald Trump who believe laws don’t apply to the likes of him. That because he’s a “star,” he can get away with any behavior, any action, he chooses. Or not paying taxes for decades makes him “smart,” and by extension, everyone who DOES is stupid.

Those of us who see Trump for what he truly is, not as do the millions who view the man only for how they wish him to be, needn’t be told how disastrous it would be for our children and grandchildren, for the nation, the world, should this person become the next president.

The oath taken by whomever wins this election: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The only thing Donald Trump would be preserving and protecting would be himself. As the leader of the free world, nothing would be “free,”–not speech, certainly not the press. Anyone who doubts this need only look at the man’s long history of ignoring laws, believing himself above the law. We’ve already had one such president, Richard M. Nixon.

We definitely don’t need another.


Donald Trump Is THAT Kind Of Person

by Steve Rohosky


A very large part of the Republican Party has long been a Neo-Neanderthal, militarily militant, Boys-Will-Be-Boys club. It continues to be a political party dominated by emotionally bankrupt, albeit fabulously financially wealthy white men who cling to militarism as a means of proving to themselves, each other–and the world–they really do have the largest genitalia in the world. This view of self is vitally important to their fragile egos and effects how such males interact with each other and everyone else.

It meshes perfectly with the outmoded view those so called Alpha males have of women as mere objects breathlessly awaiting such manly men, women eager to be conquered. SomeTHING–far more so than someONE–ready, very willing and oh so able to be reduced to nothing more than another notch carved into a pelt, proudly displayed to their knuckle dragging cohorts while dancing around the nightly campfire.

At the same time, in order to expand its voting base, Republicans struck an unholy alliance to become the Party of the self righteously pious religious zealots. This includes the holier than though super riche–remember Mitt(ens) Romney’s condescending “47%” crack about those who will always vote Democratic because they are addicted to “entitlements.”

The extreme values of one or the other of those seemingly paradoxical wings doomed each of the past two GOP presidential nominees. Those same deeply held beliefs (or a decided lack thereof) as displayed by current candidate Donald Trump, have exploded front and center of the public consciousness, in addition to smacking right in the collective kisser of the Republican Old Guard establishment.

Yet the very same über rightist elites who view themselves as kingmakers, along with those religious zealots, all willingly ignored Trump’s LONG history of misogynistic and demeaning commentary, his countless incidents of adultery which lead to a pair of messy divorces, the five children by three different wives.

That high ranking Republicans now attempt to wrap themselves in a glorious cloak of righteous indignation, since multiple videos have surfaced displaying the depth and breadth of Donald Trump’s long held sexism and inability to view the vast majority of women as anything more than just playthings for his pleasure, is pure hypocrisy.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, House Speaker Paul Ryan and even VP nominee Mike Pence have all issued the standard “I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!” statements. Yet, when each hitched their own little wagons to The Donald, all KNEW–or should have known–precisely what kind of person Trump is: he is a P-I-G, pig. Not to mention a tax cheat, a fraud, a malignant narcissist, a pathological liar and hypo maniac.

Trump’s moral compass deems his screwing the married wife of another man as nothing more than a peccadillo, a personal shortcoming. The same holds true for remarks made which show, in his mind, how much he has sexualized his own daughter by declaring her to be “…a piece of ass…with a great body” someone he would “…definitely date, were I not her father.”

Business wise, his penchant for bilking taxpayers, banks and additional financiers, his partners along with other investors, has forced Trump to presently seek funding from predominantly foreign sources as precious few domestic ones will now finance his projects. Further, the way in which he has swindled mobs of small business owners out of billions of dollars for their efforts to supply his various undertakings with goods and/or services, ranks tragically high in the history of American jurisprudence.

THAT is the kind of person he is.

He also has a tax exempt charitable Foundation but never bothered to fill out the state mandated paperwork so the “charity” could publicly solicit contributions–not that it does charitable work, apparently it exists to serve a different purpose–nor has he made any personal contributions to it in nearly nine years.

Speaking of tax exemptions, the truth has finally been revealed as to why he steadfastly refused to release his personal returns: the man has paid NO federal income tax for at least the last two decades. It’s doubtful he paid any state income taxes to either New York or New Jersey, too. Most likely, he has paid nothing stretching all the way back to the mid Seventies. NOT paying taxes makes him “smart,” he sniffed.

Which in Trump World, makes everyone else stupid.

Furthermore, Donald Trump is the kind of person who used his Foundation as a personal slush fund, utilizing it to pay off court ordered fines levied against him for various misdeeds. A large painted portrait of himself hangs in his office, illegally purchased with Foundation funding. A bribe disguised as a campaign “contribution” was given to the State of Florida attorney general, with funds from the Trump Foundation. This so the AG wouldn’t investigate his “university” scam, the one that grifted money from gullible people under the guise they could learn his real estate “secrets.”

THAT kind of person.

Reince Priebus and his crew of establishment elitists have chosen to condemn Trump for behavior the kingmakers, the sanctimonious religious zealots, his sycophants, the idolators, all disregarded to this point. Behavior so willfully ignored whilst borne by an obsessive desperation to maintain control of congress, an ignorance on their parts manifested by the virulent lust for power which grips the uppermost echelons of the Republican Party like a Facehugger from the Alien films.

With Trump rammed down the throat of the rightist extremist established order–against its collective better judgment–by its own electorate, is it any wonder a new political life form burst forth from the twitching carcass of the GOP? Trump is a never before seen political hybrid which weds the absolute worst of both wings of his party then was combined with a person who epitomizes the absolute dregs of human sociopathy. While still maintaining The Donald’s trademark megalomania and raging egomania, of course, not to mention the almost daily demonstrated inability to keep his mouth shut for intervals longer than three seconds.

So now Priebus and the rest of his fellow travelers are stuck with their political monstrosity, one utterly alien to the history of, and totally oblivious to, the decorum of the presidential election process. They have no one to blame but themselves, seeing as how the frenetic fervor for power elucidated by the entire GOP over the past four years has led them down this disastrous political path they chose to traverse.

That the Trump candidacy was supported by the majority of Republicans against the better judgment of much of the Old Guard–GHW Bush, Jeb! Bush and Mitt(ens) Romney, to name but a few–only served to highlight exactly how much of an immensely high risk, possible high reward gamble it has all been.

Despite initially tenuous initial support offered The Candidate by aged party war horses the likes of John McCain and Bob Dole, the gamble will not only cost the GOP the presidency but the senate, too. Add in the chunk of seats Democrats will likely carve out of the current Republican majority in the House and the Trump/Pence ticket could well prove to be the most devastatingly bad presidential pairing perpetuated on the public by either party since Barry Goldwater/William E. Miller in 1964.

For today’s Republican Party is thoroughly deceitful and a complete disgrace. It is the SAME party that has ritualistically sermonized the nation and the world about FAMILY VALUES for decades. Even going so far as to get a severely right leaning Supreme Court to rule women needed the permission of their employer in order to get contraception through company provided health care, in an attempt to force their own religious beliefs onto all working women.

The SAME party passed laws in red state after red state which targeted for closing women’s health care providers and Planned Parenthood facilities. Laws intended to limit the personal freedom and the right of self determination for women in this country.

The Republican Party has moralistically pontificated for decades about an imaginary “war on Christianity,” bombastically prattled about the “Gay mafia” and greatly lamented a perceived decline in the importance of the nuclear family. In response, phony “religious freedom” bills were passed in several states dominated by both a Republican governor and state legislature–VP candidate Mike Pence’s state of Indiana, for one–which legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community and Muslims.

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, a former employee and dedicated tool of the state’s largest utility company, signed into law a bill targeting the bathroom choices for transgender individuals. Bills such as those are meant to do but one thing: deny the constitutional guarantees to all Americans of equal rights and equal protection under the law.

The erstwhile Grand Old Party, which consistently pounds its chest proclaiming a great patriotic love of the US Constitution while continuing attempts to erode it, put into motion a Supreme Court challenge to the Voting Rights Act which when upheld, now restricts the most basic of all American freedoms.

Taking the gutting of part of the VRA further, bright red states passed laws to severely limit the number of days citizens can vote early, many hundreds of polling places were closed, forcing people–predominantly minorities and college age students–to stand five hours or longer in order to have their voices heard. Voter ID laws were passed in many GOP controlled states in attempts to impede the working poor, minorities, even married women, from casting a ballot.

The EXACT SAME political party now tolerates and condones behavior exhibited by Trump which it once excoriated. TV sycophants and Trump idolators make excuses and apologize for his untenable behavior and outlandish statements. Behavior reminiscent of that which the GOP once used to justify its attempt to remove a Democrat from the presidency, twenty years ago.

Disavowing Donald Trump, un-endorsing him, is not enough. All those do is proclaim to the country that while you might find him completely despicable and an all together loathsome person, he is YOUR completely despicable and all together loathsome person.

Exactly what does such rationalization say about the kind of person who supports Trump???

What Do You Have To Lose? Well, Let’s Start With…

By Steve Rohosky


A parade of rightist extremist surrogates and sycophants, as well as Donald “Despicable He” Trump, have stampeded across a multitude of media outlets this presidential campaign. Each deflects pointed criticism of the GOP nominee, then fires back increasingly harsh verbal grenades, meant to minimize potential damage done The Donald while at the same time hoping to blast gaping holes in voter perceptions concerning the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

All while every last Republican talking head worth their worship of Ronald Reagan has resolutely refined a rather bizarre, deeply seated party-wide delusion: that the eight torturous, fractious and near financially catastrophic years of the George W Bush administrations NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

This seems to have been developed to serve as a key campaign strategy for Republicans, one deployed straight out of their convention and it will surely hold heading toward Election Day: take the calamity Dubya wrought on 99% of Americans and lay it all at the feet of the sitting president and his first Secretary of State.

According to these purveyors of political prevarication, the Bill Clinton presidency bumped right into that of Barak Obama, nothing but a transition team in between. And just like that, eight years of GWB…gone.

Trump has lately taken to blaming the wreckage in Iraq and difficulties of Afghanistan on Obama, trying to sell some increasingly gullible and incredibly low information individuals on the fantasy the president and Hillary Clinton “founded” ISIS. Other right wing proxies spiritedly savage the slow, steady economic improvement and job growth triggered by Obama’s policies.

Done while completely ignoring all the frightfully inept decisions Bush and congressional Republicans implemented which nearly caused what would have been a devastating worldwide depression and did bring about a severe domestic recession.

In support, Trump hammers the idea to his lemming-like supporters that Obama is the worst president in history: Warren G Harding, James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson aside. The reality, of course, is he’s light years away from the worst between the last TWO men to sit in the White House, much less all 42 prior to Dubya.

Fierce to expand beyond the knuckle-dragging white male demographic already locked up, Trump hankers to improve upon his pitiful 1% share of the black vote, his 15% of Latinos. At recent rallies, he burbles to predominantly pasty crowds, white-speaking old stereotypes as to how ALL African-Americans live in poverty, attend horrible schools, get shot walking the street in inner cities, received terrible educations. Like all on the über right, he relishes making twisted statistics his mantra: 58% of blacks being unemployed.

What Republicans tend to conveniently overlook is while the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates only 41% of blacks are in the labor force, Trump refuses to recognize the 58% figure is for ALL those between the ages of 16 and 65. Which includes HS and college students, stay-at-home moms and dads, the retired, disabled, those unable and/or not desirous to work. BIG difference, that.

The reality outside Trumpworld: according to The Atlantic magazine, 12/21/15: “Unemployment among blacks was 9.5 percent during the third quarter of 2015 compared to only 4.5 percent for whites.”

Another much favored, albeit equally misleading statement made during a party primary debate in an attempt to cast aspersions on President Obama’s efforts: the unemployment rate for young blacks is 51% and 36% for youthful Latinos. debunked it. “Using the standard method for determining the jobless rate, the figure for African-American youths is 31.5 percent and for Hispanic youths it’s 18.6 percent. While those rates are still disproportionately high, they are not nearly as high as” the candidate said.

Certainly, the numbers are disproportionately high when compared to those of whites. No one disputes much improvement is needed in order to equalize employment opportunities among all, including older folks who still want to work, as well as young people. No matter, Republican presidents and GOP members of congress have consistently made comfortable livings by attacking public schools and by stifling the creation of jobs for the working and middle classes since the days when Nancy Reagan’s astrologers were considered nearly cabinet level policy advisers within the administration of The Great (Ex)Communicator.

Over the past nearly eight years, those very same GOP Congresspersons have BLOCKED every single jobs program Obama submitted. They have continuously CUT funding for public education, pre-and-after school programs, for school lunches. All in an attempt to cripple the National Education Association and other teacher unions. Unions which are traditionally very large contributors to the Democratic Party and Dem candidates.

THEN Republicans have had the unmitigated gaul to blame Obama for the generally declining quality of education–especially when compared to that of the more affluent mostly white suburbs–received by students attending inner city schools and the unbalanced educational and employment opportunities open to minority youth. Done while gleefully pretending Reagan, Daddy Bush and Bush the Idiot played NO part.

It seems Trump and his boot lickers take great joy in practicing selective amnesia. All ignore the extensive damage done by Dubya to public schools, the economy, the upwards to 750K jobs lost PER month–MILLIONS of jobs lost overall–during his administration. Republicans want to forget about the two wars waged on the national credit card, the 5,000 American DEAD in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They try their damnedest to overlook the trillions of dollars the Bush White House added to the national debt, the dramatic increase to the budget deficit, in part due to the tens of thousands of governmental workers added between January 2001 and Obama’s ’09 inauguration.

While delivering one of his suddenly scripted speeches recently, The Donald has begun to implore of all minorities, but specifically blacks, “What the hell do you have to lose?” by voting for him. Really?? What people of color have to lose is all the gains made under Obama in trying to repair the damage done by the deplorable policies practiced by Republicans under Bush.

All Americans, other than the Top One Percent, have a tremendous amount to lose were President Trump to adopt the budget House Speaker Paul Ryan has been trying to implement for the past five years: deep cuts to Social Security, including raising the age of eligibility to 70. Consider, too, Ryan’s ultimate goal is to completely privatize the program, to have a for-profit company administer it.

Don’t like that? How about the elimination of Medicare, to be replaced by $5,000 “healthcare” vouchers? Exceed the amount of the voucher in a years time and you’re on your own, sorry.

Ryan wants to eliminate the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agencies. Imagine how much worse would be the quality of schools without ANY oversight. Think our rivers, steams, lakes and other waterways would still be the same without the ability to monitor gross polluters? Or for the DOJ to haul them into court to prosecute, seeking penalties for their actions and superfunds to facilitate clean up operations??
NOT a pretty sight.

By and by, the GOP has long tried to turn public education into a voucher system, too–in lieu of governmental subsidies–thus forcing schools to compete with each other for students. A system which would take away even more precious funding in order be to put toward educating students, as a portion of each schools budget will need to be redirected toward competing with others for students and those vouchers.

Too, if a years attendance for your child to attend the school of your choice exceeds the amount of the voucher, YOU pay the difference. Can’t afford it? Looks like Junior or Janie is heading right back to one of those poorly performing schools the voucher program was supposedly meant to improve or eliminate. So much for a parents ability to choose what school their child will attend. Sorry.

Let’s not forget, too, under a President Trump and the Ryan budget you could say goodbye to the US Postal Service, another long-time Republican scapegoat. Seems they just can’t stomach the idea of all those subsidies going to any governmental agency, especially when they’d vastly prefer all that $$$$$ be redirected to private businesses (i.e. BIG GOP campaign contributors.)

Efforts have been underway for several years to cripple the USPS by forcing it to put money for 75 YEARS worth of healthcare benefits away right now, to cover the costs of aging for all employees. A requirement which has left the postal service operating very much in the red ever since, something rightists deceitfully leaped upon to proclaim as “proof” government subsidized mail service is obsolete and a huge drain on the taxpayers. One which would be better served by, you guessed it, privatization, as if ya didn’t know.

“What the hell do you have to lose?” Ever take a look at Trump’s tax plans?? Potentially eight more years of tax policies geared toward the top one percent, for a start. Under his plan, the highest maximum personal rate would be lowered from 39.6% to 25%. He would eliminate the Estate Tax (which currently applies only to inheritances in excess of $5 million, effecting just 0.5% of Americans), the Alternative Minimum Tax and the Gift Tax.

The top federal tax rate on long-term capital gains (income derived from investments, for instance) is currently 23.8%. Trump’s plan would cap that at 20%.

The maximum rate of taxation for businesses would be lowered from the current 35% to just 15%, as if any now pay that high a rate to begin with. According to the GAO, Jul 1, 2013: “Large, profitable U.S. corporations paid an average effective federal tax rate of 12.6% in 2010, the Government Accountability Office said Monday. The federal corporate tax rate stands at 35%, and jumps to 39.2% when state rates are taken into account.”

Trump wants black and brown voters to believe 60 years of Democratic policies and programs have only made their lives worse. Of course he and his surrogates ignore the failings of Nixon, the refusal of Reagan to do anything helpful for minorities, the reading of Bush the Elder’s lips concerning new taxes and the continuation of the failed Trickle Down economic theory–which Bill Clinton had to rectify–the near collapse of the world’s economy brought on by Bush the Younger, leaving a fractured economy once again in dire need of repair and improving by a Democratic president more than up to the task.

Yes, Trump wants voters, especially those of color, to believe reinstating the same policies implemented by recent Republican presidents which have failed time after time after time will somehow miraculously work, this time. He wants Americans to accept isolating the nation from friends and allies, refusing to honor long-standing treaties, a Berlin-like wall erected between Mexico and the US, the backing out of trade agreements and cutting the country off from the rest of the world. Trump moronically crows how these will be good things.

Yet less foreign trade means reduced demand for American goods and services, leading to REDUCED job opportunities, not more as it restricts the market for American products to our own 350 million residents, rather than the 7 BILLION folks comprising the rest of the world.

Refusing to honor treaties and agreements means countries and foreign corporations will no longer trust the word of the US. As a result, they might well no longer invest here, build no new assembly plants to employ American workers, conceivably going so far as to shut existing facilities already standing, possibly including plants which make Honda, Volkswagen, Nissan, BMW, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes vehicles right here in the US of A. The potential loss of jobs could be more devastating even than that under Dubya.

So when Donald Trump next blithely asks as to what you have to lose, consider fully the ramifications of he and his brood working out of the Oval Office, setting foreign policy, having access to the nuclear codes, potentially choosing several more extreme rightist Scalia-clone justices to sit for several decades on the US Supreme Court.

Consider coordinated legal and congressional attempts to reverse marriage equality and the gains made in civil rights for the LGBTQ community, think about what it would mean to further soften the Second Amendment to the point where instead of a chicken in every pot, it will be a couple of handguns and enough ammo to shoot up the OK Coral.

Contemplate the impact another Republican presidency would have on attempts to severely restrict abortion rights affirmed by Roe v Wade, how religious zealots WILL push for a ruling to limit its scope, too. A new über retrograde SCOTUS might well affirm preventing statewide automatic voter registration for those turning 18 years of age, could severely limit early voting days as well as the hours polls could be open on election days.

Conceptualize how Trump could push for legal approval to restrict voting by the poor, college students and minorities–including the establishment of a national form of ID, one required to be shown in order to vote–and the crown jewel of GOP reactionaries: finalizing efforts to repeal Obamacare, replacing it with nothing.

Now, think of how much better this country could have been under Bill Clinton and Barak Obama had they not been forced to first fix the disasters left them by right wing predecessors. Then contrast it with the devastation to be wrought by any Republican elected president, Trump in particular.

It’s easy to see the risk of yet another is simply too great. And THAT’S what we in the 99% have to lose; far, far more than the overwhelming majority of we Democrats care to relinquish.

Too Wild to Tame or… Too Dumb to Train?

By Steve Rohosky


Donald “Despicable Me” Trump has created a mythology about himself that he only hires “the best.” For months and months we’ve been subjected to a mountain of his boasts, this chief among them. And then Trump goes and shakes up his campaign hierarchy, one more time, in order to once again usher out someone decidedly less than “the best.”

First through the revolving door of abject ineptitude was Corey Lewandowski (who never saw a female reporter he believed he couldn’t beat) as the original campaign manager-type. Until escorted back through the same door months ago, that is, when it was decided he’d best serve The Donald’s ego by pretending to be a Trump surrogate on CNN–while admittedly still receiving “severance,” campaign-speak for Lewandowski is still on the payroll while acting as a cheerleader over on the news network.

Now, gone so quickly it’s doubtful he can even file for unemployment is Paul Manafort, who was given the requisite gold watch and cheerful hyperbole to go along with the largely ceremonial position of Chairman after having been on the job just two months, when he too was pushed out the door, doubtlessly kicking and screaming all the way.

Next hired-to-be-fired is strategist Kellyanne Conway as the latest sacrificial campaign manager. The well liked Conway, apparently, replaces Russian dictator, errr, President Vladimir Putin’s secret campaign weapon. Manafort, it seems, took time off from his regular gig of influencing Ukranian politicians to look favorably upon Mother Russia and Putin, that he might return to the US so as to influence the Republican presidential candidate to look favorably upon Putin and Mother Russia.

But, once those famous anti-Free Press–according to the candidate–gremlins at the New York Times discovered Manafort’s name mentioned repeatedly in a collection of hand written ledgers kept by the administration of deposed Ukranian despot Yanucovych, in reference to his having been paid a total of $12.7 million for services rendered–ostensibly under the table–Manafort’s days of influencing Trump to favor anybody, including himself, were numbered. As in all of two days.

Still, from Putin’s perspective, job well done by Manafort after Trump continuously crooned Kumbaya concerning Russian/American relations on the campaign trail, for several weeks. After which the nominee successfully removed several anti Russian planks from the GOP party platform during the convention.

Joining Team Trump, too (or is it three, at this point?)–supposedly strictly in an advisory capacity–is recently resigned Fox News pooh-bah and internationalist Roger Ailes, he of the Roman hands and Russian fingers. Allegedly. Having undoubtedly grown weary of dealing with Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit, Ailes will purportedly assist with Trump’s debate prep. Also brought in is Breitbart über rightist extremist smearmeister extraordinaire, Steve Bannon.

This parade of ex-advisors and former campaign managers continues to lengthen for one rather salient reason: Donald J. has proven himself either incapable and/or unwilling to listen to anyone not named Trump. Because of that fatal flaw, RNC chairman Reince Priebus and the majority of the party’s down ticket candidates are presently in near panic mode, having watched key battleground poll numbers continue to sink, observed once redder than red states like GA, AZ, SC being reevaluated and moved into the toss-up category.

This while one after another prominent Republican publicly pledges to NOT vote for the nominee. Some even going so far as to commit the ultimate right wing heresy: stating intent to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton.

With yet another reshuffling of the campaign pecking order, one is left to wonder if Trump isn’t being giving this one last chance by the RNC to get his act together. There have been rumblings of late of veiled threats he should act more like a traditional candidate, more presidential. Encouraged to stay on topic during scripted speeches, whilst at the same time told to scrupulously avoid the rambling stream of consciousness style of public speaking from which have come many of the candidates worst self-inflicted wounds.

Whispers abound that if he doesn’t soon begin to turn things around, he could possibly face being replaced as the GOP standard bearer, potentially by Trump’s own handpicked VP candidate, Mike “Mr Somnambulist” Pence.

Alas, the New, Newer, Newest Trump campaign seems to have gotten off to a less than auspicious start Tuesday by avoiding the racial unrest in Milwaukee, eschewing an opportunity to speak directly to angry black voters in that city. Voters who are fed up with the treatment they receive from the local police and politicians. Instead the candidate chose to hold his rally in a nice, safe, lily-white suburb. A rally attended by a virtually all white crowd, not surprising since West Bend, WS, has a black population of 1%.

To this point Trump’s appeal to black voters remains incredibly limited. According to recent polls only 1% support him while a whopping 91% favor Clinton. That is, at least those not effected by red state voter suppression laws aimed specifically at blacks, browns, the poor and the elderly.

In that particular town, so sparkling bright the populous would have no choice BUT to wear shades, Trump chose to give a speech littered with white-speak: restoring law-und-order, how Democrats have done nothing to help blacks, the need for more cops on the streets. JUST the kind of campaign positions sure to endear the candidate to already enraged and bitter Milwaukee residents while at the same time receiving rousing ovations from the extremely low information attendees.

Interesting, too, that Trump avoided mentioning the systematic obstruction by congressional Republicans of every jobs bill Obama sent to Capitol Hill over the past nearly eight years. Bills meant to help unemployed blacks get jobs, especially teens. He also failed to elucidate how his professed commitment to issues important to women–boasting about being “the greatest president for women”–would be improved by bringing aboard an accused sexual harasser sitting on a sizable stack of allegations made by former female employees, someone being sued in court for sexual harassment.

Donald Trump likes to think of himself as being too wild to tame. Those who have been trying to advise him–to the extent Trump is capable of accepting direction from anyone–as well as RNC chair Reince Priebus, Conway, Bannon, Roger Ailes, et al, are about to find out over the next several weeks to what extent he CAN be tamed.

A great fear has arisen and spread like a plague through what remains of the Republican Party: he’s simply too dumb to train. Trump’s ability to move his campaign from the category of train wreck to one of competitiveness is completely dependent upon finding out which is which, over the time remaining.

For if Priebus and the other GOP decision makers wait too long, make the wrong choice, the Republican Party will awaken Wednesday, November 9th to find their carefully cobbled real-life house of cards has collapsed all about them. And it could take generations to build it anew.

Wouldn’t that be a pity???

From On High

by Steve Rohosky


From On High…

Are many cops racists or hold a great dislike for black people when they are hired? Most likely not.

But with time…

Police in many cities and states purposely target black and Latino neighborhoods. It’s called racial profiling. When you actively look for ONLY minorities committing crimes, then you will FIND only minority criminals. As per numerous studies and statistics, black and Latino men and women DO NOT commit the majority of crimes, they do NOT comprise the majority of illegal drug users. Yet today’s prisons and jails are overwhelmingly populated by black and brown men, women.

…having basically looked for only minority criminals, over many years, yes. Too many police officers come to loathe and detest minorities, principally young, black, men. No doubt about it. Which is, as one would expect, greatly disturbing to the black community and all who are concerned about injustice.

It is human nature to want to lash out, to strike back, at those considered responsible for dead black man, murdered at the hands of seemingly bad, poorly trained, overly ozealous and over reacting, possibly hateful cops. Officers who are measurably more suspicious, quantifiably more distrustful of black men than white. Yes, some within the black community want to strike back when it is perceived that the legal system has failed them. Especially when those cops responsible for dead black men time after time escape prosecution, pay no penalty other than resignation.

Now, let’s establish that NOT ALL POLICE OFFICERS ARE HATERS. Not all are bad cops. In point of fact, the overwhelming percentage of police are good, hard working men and women who care about those they are sworn to protect and serve. They are passionate about helping, about making a difference within their communities.

Only problem is: they all appear the same, the good as well as the bad. One simply cannot identify which cops are which just by looking at them, no more so than you could identify potential criminals from gazing at a large crowd of individuals.

More than half a century ago, Malcolm X said, “By any means necessary” as a counter to Dr Martin Luther King’s philosophy of Non-Violent Resistance for blacks to gain equality in America. It is questionable how much, if any, that philosophy which sanctioned violence assisted in the means to an end, helped achieve the measured progress of the nascent civil rights movement of the era.

There is NO doubt, though, that by attempting to adapt the “By Any Means Necessary” ideology to the 21st century, by using it as a rationale for the murder of five police officers in Dallas and other cops around the country, it only serves to create GREATER animosity, a DEEPER distrust, a more all consuming SUSPICION of the black community by local and state police forces.

Sure, those who advocate the “an eye for an eye” approach no doubt believe they are making a point, that they will not stand idly by while young men of color are wantonly murdered. Retaliatory strikes such as these make as much sense as when rioters in American city after city, from Newark to Detroit to Watts in LA, burned down their own homes to demonstrate their degree of rage as per the white controlled institutions and the biases long inherent to them, back in the mid to late 1960’s.

The fact of the matter remained that when the anger subsided, the smoke cleared, those residents were all homeless. The few shops and businesses available to them where groceries and essentials could be purchased–along with the non essentials, like the ubiquitous liquor stores, seemingly everywhere throughout each predominantly black neighborhood–were gone. The acts of defiance didn’t make the situation for the residents of those areas any better. It only served to make it worse–much, much worse.

The youth of each generation over the past six decades seems to be increasingly less willing to do the laborious and time consuming work required to bring about change. Instead, each in its own way has fantasized about “revolution,” sought to bring about quick change. Today is no different.

Look at the millions of Bernard Sanders supporters who ever so naively believed they could influence the capitalist economic system of this country just by stomping their feet. Still more threatened to hold their collective breath, having pledged to never, never, EVER support the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party.

Others fixed those filthy capitalists by making grandiose demands, each punctuated with reams of ineffectual whining, followed up by more $27 donations to their favorite grandfatherly candidate.

Young’uns (and oldsters who should’ve been smart enough to know better) who all practiced a sort of mass delusion, having conjured up a belief all this could somehow effect change. Or taking it a step further, bring down current systemically controlled institutions, thus eliminating the biases long inherent to them. Beliefs nothing more than the contemporary version of the burning of your own homes and businesses, the deluded so convinced such a differing demonstration of rage would force those holding the reigns of power to make changes. If only…

Real change DOES NOT work like that. There will be no more French Revolutions or another overthrow such as the Czar in Russia. Power in industrial nations is no longer concentrated in one person. It is spread, diversified, for a very good reason: helping insure the mutual survival of them that pull the strings.

And despite the romantic imagery of poets like Jim Morrison of The Doors who wrote, “They got the guns but, we got the numbers!” in the song Five To One, that kind of safety in numbers is fantastical, wishful thinking. Cause they got countless more bullets now than you got numbers, Jim. And too many have powerfully vested interests in seeing the economic and political structures standing, as they do today, remaining essentially intact.

Cause THEY are doing quite well, thank you.

Real change DOES NOT start at the bottom. It begins at the top, where rests the power. 1954 saw the US Supreme Court put an end to the myth long perpetuated of “Separate But Equal.” It took congress to pass the Civil Rights Acts, then the Voting Rights Act, fifty years ago. It took the Highest Court to determine women could decide for themselves if they wanted to legally and safely terminate a pregnancy, in 1972.

The SCOTUS also ruled against the Texas sodomy laws in 2003 by stating the government had no business intruding in bedrooms of the citizenry. One more time the SC handed down another monumental decision declaring the rights of LGBTQ people to be equally protected by the constitution, in 2015. Thus gay and transgender individuals could marry, then further enrich divorce lawyers, just like straight folks do.

When things got crazy in Ferguson, MO, the Justice Department investigated the police department and found such widespread racism and corruption, the whole PD was dissolved and a new one put into its place. Killing random cops in retaliation for the murders of black men didn’t do that. The change came from on high.

The videos taken by citizens which have shown to the world black men being murdered by police demonstrates the symptom of a disease. The disease being there are entirely too many badly trained, under prepared and at times psychologically handicapped cops carrying guns and badges. Many of whom simply shouldn’t even be police officers. Too many of which when facing a black man–who correctly informs the officer he is carrying a gun–too frequently the cop immediately expects the worst, anticipates resistance, grossly overreacts in a situation where his life IS NOT threatened and shoots anyway.

The tragic result being the life of Philando Castile ebbed slowly away, the aftermath of his shooting streamed live onto Facebook for all to watch. To see how his blood covered more and more of his white shirt, his eyes soon closed and he was dead. While the cop, so much adrenaline coursing through him the arms still holding his aimed gun spasmed and shook, as he stammered excuses for discharging the weapon.

Or a bunch of cops initiate a power struggle with a man reportedly carrying a gun. A potentially life or death struggle begins which quickly devolves into a shoot first ask questions later mindset. This is what left Alton Sterling dead in Baton Rouge, LA.

Would those same officers have reacted in an identical manner had there been young white men involved? Who knows. Yet the same sort of thing keeps happening almost ridiculously too often to far, far too many black men: Eric Garner murdered on the street in Staten Island, NY, while trying to tell the officer choking him to death, “I can’t breathe.”

Walter Scott, shot in the back while attempting to get away from an officer in South Carolina. An officer unbeknownst to him recorded on a citizens cell phone, the video capturing him calmly walking over to the dying Scott and dropping his taser near him, to make it look like Scott removed it during their struggle, inferring Scott had intended to use it as a weapon against the officer.

12 year old Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun in a park. Cops roll up and in less than three seconds the boy was dead. They shot first, didn’t give a damn about questions. Freddie Gray was brutally beaten and dragged by Baltimore police, before being taken for a “rough ride” in a paddy wagon, a punishment doled out by cops who thought someone being taken into custody had given them a hard time. Gray died after his neck snapped. And on and on it goes.

One facet of this can begin to change by budgeting more money to be spent in every PD across the land. NOT for increasingly sophisticated weaponry and former military vehicles. A police department enforces the law, it must not wage war with the very people it is sworn to protect and serve. ALL THE PEOPLE.

With increased funding, psychological testing must be done every couple of years to ferret out potential problems within a department. And why not? The FBI and CIA randomly administer state of the art lie detector tests to all agents. They also undergo periodic psych testing, too. If it’s good enough to discover agents who have gone rogue or are no longer effective and/or compromised, it damn sure should be good enough to protect citizens from bad cops and ultimately the good police from bad citizens looking to make a statement.

More and differing sensitivity training should be implemented, also. And on top of it all, civilian review boards are needed for every PD above a certain size. Boards comprised by local persons: business professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, blue collar workers, homemakers, college students, a real cross section of the community. Review boards with the power to investigate officers against whom habitual complaints are lodged pertaining to brutality and excessive use of force. Ones given the power to refer results to the local DA or higher still, should local DA’s take a cavalier attitude towards those findings.

Not to be excluded, but newer and more creative ideas and programs are in dire need to bridge the ocean separating too many black residents in too many communities and their local police departments. This “us versus them” mindset which lingers almost a fifth of the way through the 21st century, must end.

The overzealous, distrustful and poorly prepared policing practices which are leading to the deaths of young black men must change. It has created a deteriorating situation, one which seems to be crumbling before our eyes. Responding to another black man dead at the hands of a cop by making police officers targets, then murdering THEM randomly in retaliation, only fuels an already bad situation by helping launch another which could become exponentially worse.

Again, change simply doesn’t come from the bottom. Marching and protesting in the streets won’t lead to any permutations. Days later it’s all forgotten, including any and all pledges and promises made to momentarily assuage crowds. The best place ordinary citizens CAN make their voices heard is at the ballot box on Election Day. Find out where your elected representative stands on the issues concerning effective policing, police oversight by the community, review boards if none exist, common sense gun control, preventing those on the No Fly lists from buying a gun–with an appeal process designed to ensure jus’ folks aren’t confused with potential terrorists.

And question representatives about their willingness to institute laws so as to keep weaponry designed for the military OUT of the hands of non military personnel. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to own A gun, not ANY gun.

Then GET OUT AND VOTE. Too many eligible voters stay home, never bothering to cast a ballot, complaining how their singular vote doesn’t make any difference. Yet they are frequently the ones bellowing the loudest about the inequities of “the system.” If you don’t vote, SHUT UP!! You have no right to complain. If you do vote, great. Work to install local representatives who respond to you and your concerns. If they don’t, toss them out, too. But make your voice heard at the top, so real change, beneficial change, can take place.

Back in the Sixties, a phrase was used frequently, one which still holds true, even this many years later: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

BE the solution, NOT the problem.
Find a way.

“You (Really Do) Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em”

By Steve Rohosky


While he slowly fades from the conscience of the general public, the reason for the Hillary/Sanders face-to-face not long ago has become increasingly clear. Heading into the tête-à-tête, the Senator from Vermont strongly believed himself to be in position to dictate terms to Clinton and the DNC, in return for his endorsement and an agreement to prevent hostilities by his more rabid followers at the upcoming convention.

Convinced he still held the upper hand–absolutely assumed his public endorsement of Hillary remained golden–Bernard Sanders would have pressured the presumptive nominee to fold X number of his policies in the party platform, place several of his trusted inner circle into positions of influence. He’d strive to overhaul the Democratic primary system, PLUS insist upon input into the VP vetting as well as seeking a say as to the ultimate choice. Certainly those were just the highlights. After patiently and respectfully hearing Sanders out, Hillary Clinton would have looked at the frazzled old man across from her, who always looked like he combed his hair with a balloon, and she laughed. No doubt about it.

The short version of her response most likely went something like: Right now, Senator, you get nothing, no guarantees, no promises. Your requisition to “improve” the primaries will be taken under advisement, but don’t hold your breathe. All anyone from your inner circle gets to do is assist MY people. Too, YOU are going to help me get elected. An endorsement is mandatory; it should go without saying there will be several joint campaign appearances, featuring us both. Encouraging your supporters to vote not just for me but all down ticket Democrats on their ballots, is mandatory.

AFTER I become president, I will evaluate the roll you played in my election. THEN I will weigh the degree of participation and enthusiasm of everyone responsible for my victory. Positions of responsibility and assignments will be handed out commensurate to ability. And the same goes for you, Senator.

Look, Hillary is infinitely smarter than anachronisms like Sanders and Trump can possibly admit. She KNOWS, if she gives in now and makes deals, once elected Sanders will use the continued support of his minions as a weapon, playing that card repeatedly in order to extract ever more concessions.

Bet on it.

The way The Ol’ Socialist hightailed it back to Vermont, ignored the Democratic filibuster in the senate and delivered only vague pronouncements about working to defeat Trump, is virtual proof the degree of detente between the two candidates came nowhere close to his level of expectation. You see, Sanders anticipated the goody bag he’d receive from Hillary and the DNC would contain more swag than is given backstage at the Oscars and all awards shows, combined.

In reality, he was handed the equivalent to a couple of 50% off online order coupons for Papa John’s pizzas–redeemable the day after his favorite baseball team scored more than six runs in a game–and an 8 by 10 full color glossy photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton, autographed and personalized.

Despite the lack of largesse, Bernard Sanders continues to hang around the periphery of the campaign. He continues to insist, at least for public consumption, a chance for the nomination still remains, all the while tickling the hopes of the last of his True Believers. This he does for two reasons: the first, obviously, is to cut the best possible deal for himself and his chosen few BEFORE he proffers an endorsement. He does, after all, have a great many supporters, the majority of whom will vote for Clinton provided he assuages their concerns as to the degree of her Wall Street and corporate connections, as well as address several other issues that seem to give them pause.

Realistically though, there is a faction within his disciples, upwards to 40 per cent, who will never vote for HRC, will consider his exhortation to do so a betrayal. A good portion of them aren’t Democrats, never were. Some are anarchists, others are Marxists or nihilists, most are simply people virulently dissatisfied with what they perceive as the continued perpetuation of societal inequalities, the massive inequities built into this type of economic system, the rampant injustices of our legal system and just about all are quite malevolent towards a government they view as being designed to protect and serve greedy corporations and the avaricious rich. They saw Sanders’ call for “revolution” as their long awaited engine which would empower an absolute bulldozing of all things American, followed by a complete rebuild, done to their and Bernard’s specifications.

The other reason Sanders continues to linger–and Trump hit on this the other day–is the possibility, be it infinitesimally slight, that the FBI will return an indictment of some sort against Clinton in regards to the email/unsanctioned personal server investigation. Either an indictment would be handed down or a rebuke from on high would be so powerful as to preclude a continuation of the nomination process and/or HRC would have no choice but to withdraw her candidacy in order to tend to a defense.

In which case the nation would have little choice but to turn its lonely eyes to Bernard Sanders to step forward and become the anti Trump candidate. At least that’s to what he and his sycophants refer whenever a miracle is mentioned as being needed for BS to become the nominee of the Democratic Party. No one associated with his campaign will ever give this voice, but you just know it rattles around the most secret of all recesses within more than a few Sanders acolytes.

One gets the impression BS is a bit of a gambler and with nothing left to lose, has maneuvered Hillary Clinton and the DNC to engage him in a game of high stakes poker. The only problem is he greatly overvalued the hand he was dealt. As Bernard is finding out the longer HRC keeps the presumptive nominee game going by attacking Trump, more and different revelations about this GOP odd duck are coming out: The Donald fired his campaign manager. His end of the month mandatory report to the Federal Election Commission revealed just $1.3 million cash in the bank, compared to $42 million for Mrs Clinton. Her main Super PAC has $52 million at its disposal, while Trump’s has only $500K. Campaign staffers across the nation total 685 for Hillary, while he has only 69.

This while Trump’s poll numbers continue to drop. The latest Monmouth College poll has him trailing Clinton by eight points, 48% to 40.

No, this was a very bad time for The Ol’ Socialist to have overplayed his hand because as the days and weeks melt away prior to the convention, her overall position continues to strengthen, making it increasingly less likely Hillary will have any great NEED to negotiate a deal of any sort with BS. Sure, she wants to bring as many of his supporters into the fold–will indeed be thankful for their support. But the Bernie or Busters, those who swore upon the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels or the avowed anarchists, the nihilists, even all who simply loathe Hillary Clinton and refuse to ever cast a ballot for her, whether she receives Sanders endorsement or not?? With each passing week, as Trump finds newer and more novel ways to implode, it appears any potential votes the Busters would have brought to the table simply won’t be needed as this just isn’t going to be a very close election.

Once the poker game reached its conclusion and Sanders smugly called, he proudly presented three aces and a pair of queens, good enough to be the victor most times. This being no ordinary set of circumstances, Hillary trumped him by flashing a Royal Flush: an ace, King, Queen, Jack and a ten, all of hearts–the ultimate winning hand. Leaving his entourage to once again whine and make the usual accusations about cheating.

Meaning, come Inauguration Day in January, when Hillary Rodham Clinton is sworn in as the 45th President of these United States, Bernard Sanders will be back at one of his homes in Vermont, watching on tv, dreaming about what could have been. Perhaps if Clinton is truly magnanimous, she might extend Sanders and Janey a pair tickets to one of the inaugural balls. Otherwise, no cabinet position will await him–like she received from Obama–nor will he receive the chairmanship of an important senate committee, like banking or oversight. Cause when you try to play tough with one of the Clinton’s, ultimately you get the back of a real hand.

Had Bernie Sanders not waited so long to negotiate peace with the Democrats, endorsed Hillary sooner, done what she did eight years ago for Barak Obama, perhaps there would have a place for him within this next Clinton’s administration. But then, that’s really not his style. Bernard is a loner, invariably accomplishing little because everything must be done his way.

He jumped into the race his way, ran his campaign as he best saw fit, engendered his ultimate demise, his way. Soon he will be an historical footnote, best remembered for making Hillary Clinton a better candidate and a better president.

And Bernie Sanders, professional dreamer, can fantasize alongside his minions about what might have been. Knowing he played in the highest stakes game possible, against an old card sharp from her college days, will have to be solace enough. Knowing, accepting, that while he courted it mightily, got tantalizingly close, even held it ever so briefly, glory is just not for the likes of him.

Bernie or Bust: Time to Take Your Heads Out of the Ground

by Steve Rohosky


For all those Sanders BernOuts now running rampant on FB and elsewhere, claiming there is no difference between Hillary Clinton and Trump (or that she is WORSE), the time has come to remove your head from the ground, open your eyes, blink a few times and think.

If you like Supreme Court rulings such as Citizens United, which bestowed upon corporations the same rights as people, allowed for the creation of Super PACS, encouraged unconstrained $$$$$$ donations to political candidates and created Dark Money–limitless donations to politicians given in absolute anonymity, with no legal requirement to reveal from where or whom the money came–keep right on believing Clinton is worse than Trump.

Certainly do hope you are enjoying the full ramifications of the Hobby Lobby decision, which granted employers the right to partner with female employees to determine, based upon their own religious beliefs, whether or not a woman can get contraception through her workplace healthcare plan. And if so, exactly what kind THE EMPLOYER prefers she be allowed to use.

There was also the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which has lead to an avalanche of congressional gerrymandering in red states. This done in an effort to restrict the influence of minorities and create a virtual lock on scores of House seats for the GOP. Unintended consequences of the SCOTUS ruling have seen new laws passed restricting how long polling places can be open on Election Day. Other laws severely limited early voting in many red states while banning outright any voting the Sunday prior to Election Day, a day when many attending black churches around the nation would traditionally cast their ballots following worship services.

More fallout from the decision to repeal much of the Voting Rights Act: quite a few Republican controlled state legislatures immediately established new laws requiring photo IDs by produced in order to carry out ones constitutionally guaranteed right to vote–even among those for whom the cost and ability to obtain one would be a hardship. Also, women who had since married and changed their names must prove they are the same person who when younger registered to vote under a different or maiden last name, by producing a marriage license. One which too frequently, decades later, has been lost or misplaced.

Hope, too, all you frustrated Sanders supporters enjoyed the recent spate of challenges to the rights of students to vote where they attend college or universities, as well as the purging of countless voters from the registration rolls. Both direct results of the SCOTUS declaring a need no longer exists to oversee states which at one time routinely practiced institutional voting rights violations.

On the flip side of that coin, the SC also determined there was no need to monitor either voter registration regulations or practices by ANY state, with or without a past history of restricting the citizenry from exercising its constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. This led to countless names being removed from voting rolls, the overwhelming majority completely unaware until denied the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Please, by all means, continue to proclaim no difference exists between Hillary Clinton and Trump. That, in fact, you really do believe her to somehow actually be worse.

And do keep revealing your stupefying ignorance to the world by publicly venting how you would welcome a Trump victory in November. Just so your fervently desired fantasy revolution could then commence, after the man wrecked the country. I mean, f*•k everyone else on this planet, right? Irregardless, you and all your Bernie or Bust buddies would then be gloriously ecstatic. Cause in your shared heart of the blackest of all hearts, YOU think it would mean you’d been proven right.

After all, that’s what is really most important here, isn’t it? Everybody MUST realize that all the Busters and Bros, each of the BernOuts, the Bots, the Sandernistas… almost every last one of the Bernie Sanders supporters who labored to any extent this past year burns–pun intended–to prove to Hillary Clinton proponents and all humanity: YOU WERE RIGHT, right?!?

Should we fail to capitulate, refuse to provide the vindication you crave, it will leave you no choice but to do your damnedest to help put The Lunatic Trump in the WH, through either inaction or direct defiance of the Democratic nominee, come Election Day. Never once considering should The Donald prevail, the next several SC justices packed onto the court will be über rightist reactionaries, free to join their ideological brethren Thomas, Alito, Roberts and too frequently Kennedy, all awarded their seats by either Raygun or Bush, the Village Idiot.

Except, by the time your craving could be sated it will be too late to do anything other than steel ourselves to the spectacle of the highest court in this land cranking out ruling after ruling after ruling further empowering corporations and Big Business at the expense of the middle class and working poor. Decisions which will consistently erode the rights and freedoms of YOU and all American citizens…

For the next FOUR DECADES.

Think it can’t or won’t happen? Look at the rulings handed down by the Roberts Court–prior to the death of Antonin Scalia–and learn that EVERY SINGLE case heard involving a business and/or corporation, other than Obamacare, was decided in their favor. So blatant was the court’s prejudice in favoring Big Business that the main stated reason by Chief Justice Roberts for his siding with the liberal judges to rule against the challenge to Obamacare–upholding its legality provided the fee charged for not buying healthcare came in the form of a tax, not a penalty–was his awareness of the court’s record of gross favoritism towards corporations. So he choose to let the people win one. JUST the one.

Throughout this long primary season, American citizens had a chance to speak by the tens of millions. They chose Clinton to be the Democratic standard bearer. In doing so, Sanders lost. Now the time has come to reconcile with the will of the people, thus giving up the ghost of all that power and ability generously granted Hillary by Sanders supporters to influence the outcome of elections. The “we was robbed” refrain must be put aside. Time has come today to stop acting like naïve petulant children who throw tantrums and hold their breathe whenever they can’t get their way.

Remain egomaniacal to the point of puerility, be a party to putting The Lunatic Trump into the Oval Office and you will only help tear down the nation you claim to love, that you claim you want to improve. Understand precisely that through any scorched earth actions or inactions taken come November, you WILL be screwing yourselves, your loved ones and children (which you may or may not have yet to sire) and your children’s children. This election is THAT important–Democrats know it and make absolutely no mistake: Republicans damn sure know it, too.

STILL say you can’t bring yourself to vote for HRC? Then do continue to live in your fool’s paradise, of promoting the ridiculous fallacy that Sanders was cheated out of the nomination cause Hillary Clinton reared up, used all the omnipotence attributed to her, only to smite your boy and pluck from Bernard’s boney, pointed fingers not only the nomination, but–wait for it–his DESTINY. Or so you believe.

A belief extending to absolute certainty that super delegates, the party elite, will abandon her at the convention because a few wayward polls claim Bernard has a couple of points better chance to defeat Trumpenstein than does Clinton. But by all means, do keep right on telling yourselves she is worse than Donald Trump.

While you Busters are formulating plans to deny Hillary the presidency, take a little time to LEARN from German people who likewise thought no difference existed between Adolph Hitler and the government he sought to replace in the mid 1930’s, the Weimar Republic. They too were a people unhappy with the economy, categorically convinced their government had done them wrong. Millions of people actually believed giving Hitler absolute power would lead to a better country, a far better life, for themselves and their progeny, than what the previous administration had been able to provide.

Pretty stupid, huh???

Read the short quotation (below), written by a man among those German citizens thought a racist, bigoted, anti Semitic, nativist megalomaniac who also objectified women, filing them into bloated binders labeled either madonnas or whores. Another malignant narcissist with little actual political experience who sought great power based upon repeated promises without substance of any kind, claiming the ability to “Make Germany Great Again.” Only to have enough of voters decide he really was the superior alternative. At least they thought so,in the beginning. Before it became far, far too late.

Yes, the time has come to force your heads out of the ground, look up to the skies and see the folly, the peril, which lies along the path you now follow.

Consider yourselves forewarned.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

“Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

“Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

“Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

This…”is a famous statement and provocative poem written by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.”

Quotation taken from the following link: