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I grew up in New Jersey and moved to NYC in the late Seventies. After a couple of years in Dallas, Texas, relocated to California. And here I am!

An Outlier’s Tale

by Steve Rohosky

Is the “process” of determining its nominee within the Democratic Party truly rigged? Interesting thought.

Let’s say an Outsider, someone not a Democrat, decided that for monetary and other reasons, they declared intent to run for president as a Dem. A person who spent his entire political life trashing the party and criticizing its elected representatives was then granted access to privileged party data bases so as to glean potential donors and voters. But that wasn’t enough. Several people within his campaign decided to hack the data bases of his rival, just for good measure.

When party leaders considered sanctions against the Outsider, he showed how much he appreciated the opportunity to represent Democrats by threatening to sue. Early on while hitting the campaign trail, the Outlier constantly railed against the existence of super delegates, who are Democratic elected representatives and other long time party regulars who are free to vote for whomever they choose, unlike elected delegates.

To top it off, he whined incessantly about party rules concerning open or closed state primaries. He bitterly complained about state rules regarding either registering to vote or the deadline to change ones party affiliation, thus making a voter eligible to cast their ballot for the party they preferred. Then the Outlier barked about registered Independents being prevented from voting in closed primary elections. All the while he became evermore combative as the process progressed.

Even as the race approached the finish line, the Outsider trailed the prohibitive favorite–a life long democrat who tirelessly worked for decades to support Dem candidates and policies–by more than three million votes and almost 300 elected delegates. Not to worry, declared the Outsider. I’ll just get those super delegates–against whom he ranted for the better part of a year–who declared intent to vote for the other candidate, to change their minds and vote for me cause I decided I’m best suited to take on the GOP nominee.

As the primaries draw to a close, the Outsider begins to tacitly support and encourage the use of intimidation and threats to get what he wants. He does almost nothing to dissuade his rabid followers from making implied and overt threats of violence against party officials and those super delegates who refuse to flip and support him. Amazingly, the Outlier stresses his belief his supporters aren’t being “respected,” that the process is rigged against “them,” then finally offers a sort of half-hearted disclaimer concerning violence.

Think this scenario could never happen in real life?? Sounds too far fetched?

Looks to me like the process will work exactly as designed when the super delegates step in at the party convention to put the half century-long Democrat over the delegate amount required to win the nomination. The super delegates exist to prevent the party from being highjacked by an outlier bent upon using the party to further his own personal ambitions. The system works perfectly to prevent an outside force from walking in, taking over and establishing his will over that of long time party regulars.

If the Outsider doesn’t like how the Democratic Party “establishment” treated him and his BernOuts, he is more than welcome to run as an Independent, next time. Because no matter how tepid his argument to the contrary, the Outlier IS NOT a Democrat. He does not believe in the party, it’s history, ideals, positions, programs–and NEVER HAS. Most definitely, this Outlier wants to eliminate the Democratic Parry platform that has been successful for the sitting president and replace it with his own inane collection of tax increases which “pay” for tired, failed Sixties hippy-style socialistic freebie programs. Free to the user, of course. A small mountain of higher taxes for everyone else.

This Outlier thought he could bamboozle the Democrats, could waltz in, use the party organization to satisfy his own megalomania. Fortunately, party regulars designed this fail safe system involving super delegates three decades ago, one meant to prevent a hijacking scenario. And there is little doubt those same super delegates, against whom he ranted and railed before hypocritically trying to convince them to renounce prior commitments and support him instead, along with the same “unfair” establishment, will greatly tighten the rules to prevent another fraud like Bernard Sanders from ever being able to muscle in and commandeer the Democratic Party, ever again.


Bernie Sanders Wants Democrats to Just Give Him the Nomination

by Steve Rohosky

Bernard Sanders, Incorporated, along with several of his most devoted media acolytes, are continuing to perpetuate this fantasy that the Ol’ Socialist can still win the Democratic nomination. Of course, it’s in Bernard’s best $$$$$ interest to keep the minions primed, for those who joyously celebrate this fractured fairy tale help keep the Sanders cash machine flowing like the mighty Mississippi River after spring rains. Even though his April haul dropped by more than 41%. Seems Barn-Barn and Janey discovered this presidential thing pays exquisitely more than does his rather mundane day job.

But this scenario Bernard colorfully parrots, as to him still having the ability to win the nomination, is well…utter folly. Something which only those most severely encrusted with the BS fairy dust are prone to believe, let alone repeat, automaton style. And I will tell you why.

13 states, territories and Washington, DC have yet to hold Democratic primaries and caucuses. For the sake of expediency, let’s split them into two groups: A) California, New Jersey, DC and B) Guam, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and, lest we forget, South Dakota. Now, group A has 734 elected delegates–NOT the super ones–up for grabs, while B) will provide 416, also of the elected variety.

The primaries in CA and NJ are classified as mixed, meaning unaffiliated voters can cast ballots for any party and registrations can be changed on the day of voting. Several factors have been considered to estimate the percentage of votes HRC will receive.

First: the abnormally large minority population of DC, coupled with high minority percentages in CA and NJ, should offset the mixed type of primary in which Clinton has had somewhat inconsistent results. DC, which is closed, quite possibly will provide Hillary with a win upwards to 40 points, seeing as how she was victorious in MD–Baltimore also has a very large minority population–by 30. Second: colleges and universities in CA will be on summer recess for at least a full two weeks come its June 7 primary. Unless those students have registered to vote in their home towns, or they return to school (having previously registered there) a great deal of presumed Sanders supporters will not be able to have their voices heard. Third: Nate Silver’s 538 has given Hillary a 91% chance of winning California. Not enough data and/or recent reputable polling has taken place in NJ for them to make a call.

Taking all that into consideration, I give Hillary 54.5% of the vote in group A, meaning she wins 400 delegates, Sanders 334.

Group B breaks down thus: 5 closed primaries–SD, NM, OR, KY and Guam. The primary in MT is open, while that in WV is mixed. Which leaves 3 caucuses in ND, Puerto Rico and the glorious Virgin Islands. So far we have seen HRC do extremely well among just Democrats in closed primaries. Considering the three caucuses represent just 102 delegates, I foresee Hillary winning 55.3% of the vote and gaining 230 more delegates, while Bernard gains another 186.

As of May 4, Mrs Clinton has amassed 1,683 elected delegates. Add to that the 400 allotted from A group and another 231 via B and she tallies 2,344, leaving her just 39 shy of the magic 2,383. Sanders has thus far accumulated 1,361 through his wins and when combined with his A group of 334 and B pool of 160 projects to 1,855 delegates awarded. While 1855 may have been a good year in some states, it will hardly be a memorable one in the Sanders camp as it leaves Bernard short by 528 delegates.

One wildcard in all this is Puerto Rico, which is looking at a potential bankruptcy, virtually any day now. With 67 delegates to be won, a large swing in votes toward whichever candidate favors a willingness to cut the island the a favorable deal, is a distinct possibility.

Which brings us to those wild and wacky super delegates, all 747 of them, ready to take flight to most likely determine the Democratic presidential nominee. As we have been made aware countless times, these are the party “elite”: Congresspersons, governors and all ’round good eggs who were deemed important enough to the party and loyal to the professed idea that a strong, electable nominee shall be anointed at the convention. All the sturm und drang going on over at the GOP as per the Anyone-But-Trump movement would essentially be moot on the Democratic side. Should an über buffoon the likes of The Donald one day garner numbers about equal to those Hillary Clinton is projected here to carry–close, but no cigar–then the supes would swoop down and truly save the day for the Democratic Party by boosting the delegate total of a more preferable and infinitely more electable candidate over the top and onward to victory in November.

That Bernard Sanders has been able to convince but a relative handful of the Democratic nobility to throw down with him and his ersatz revolution, has not been entirely lost on the candidate. Where once he deplored the very idea of these individuals taking it upon themselves to have final say as to the ultimate nominee–should neither candidate accumulate the mystical 2,383–Sanders has flopped and flipped his way to where he now espouses a tangentially differing point of view from his initial one.

His latest being two tiered: since a handful of polls rate him as having a statistically better shot at defeating Trump, because Janey believes her hubby to be the best candidate, Sanders should therefore be coronated as the Democratic Party nominee. But ONLY after DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz makes nice-nice for having treated them so badly, that she grovel before them prettily please to show the extent of her appreciation for the honor he does the Democratic Party by accepting its nomination.

But wait! If THAT ritualistic scenario doesn’t titillate the interest of the party muckety-mucks, well then Bernard will then propose all those super delegates from all the states which His Excellency Bernard the First won (or came in second) should be required to vote for him, no matter to whom they initially intended to pledge their everlasting support and fealty.

Yes, the very same super delegates Sanders actually expects will abandon a loyal, hard working, devoted-to-the-cause-for-a-half-century Democrat, like Hillary Clinton. A candidate who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars through the years to help elect down ticket congresspersons, senators, governors, state and local elected Democratic representatives. Expects them to throw her overboard in favor of someone who has raised comparative peanuts for other Dems, has blasted the party and its ideals for decades. All to the benefit of candidate trailing badly in the popular vote who is not even a registered Democrat!

That this concept to which Sanders desperately clings is a unique, totally unrealistic and immensely egocentric rewriting of party rules seems to matter not to His Excellency, and should come as no surprise, really. After all, what cares he for anything as mundane as pre established and mutually agreed upon party rules?

Meaning, after slogging through a year and three months of campaigning, after primaries, debates, innumerable appearances and caucuses held, along with tens of millions of votes cast, as well as many hundreds of millions of dollars donated, ALL of it be damned and while we’re at it, go ahead and give yourselves a big hand for having participated! Because Bernie Sanders really and truly wants the Democratic Party to just GIVE him the nomination.

Having waged a campaign based strictly upon slogans and being able to identify a couple of societal problems and economic inequalities, while offering up tax increases as his only viable solutions, voters across the nation have responded by casting three million more ballots for his opponent. As the process wends its way toward California–truly the pot of delegate gold awaiting one worthy candidate at the end of this political rainbow–Sanders continues to prove he is not the best candidate to represent the party, come November. What it all comes down to in the end, for him, is this plan of going to the convention to convince the party elite that voter nullification is the way to go. It’s his only chance.

Hiding somewhere within the dark recesses of his mind, there is no doubt Sanders truly believes he can pull this off. For that alone, not to mention a multitude of other more marked motives, the Senator from Vermont deserves his Less Than Zero chance of leaving Philadelphia with the 2016 Democratic nomination for President of these sometimes United State clutched tightly in his always grasping, grabbing, greedy-for-more hands.

No how, no way. Period. Exclamation point.


Say, Didn’t You Used to be Bernie Sanders?

by Steve Rohosky


Looks like Janey Sanders is every bit the accomplished liar hubby Bernard has become. During an interview with Rachel Maddow Thursday, Mrs. Sanders claimed pro-Hillary Clinton super PACS have spent more than $70 million on ads, to this point. Friday, Maddow refuted that statement and set the record straight by producing a graphic showing the PACS have spent less than HALF what Mrs. Sanders claimed, $39 million less, in fact.

Couple that with an early Friday morning appearance on CNN when the interviewer mentioned, quite correctly, by how many elected delegates and super delegates Bernard trails Clinton. Janey indignantly replied: “That’s not accurate.” Invited to correct any misinformation the interviewer had been given, Sanders retorted: “I’m not here to discuss math with you.”

Bernard and his lies have either been a really bad influence upon his wife, or Janey taught the Senator everything she knows about fallacies. Which, apparently, isn’t nearly as much as the missus would like to think. Really, numbers CAN be rather easily verified. DUH!!

Or is it more a case that Bernard and Janey realize their Great Adventure is rapidly drawing to a close, so what do they have to lose at this point? After all, his reputation as someone who is honest to a fault has already been shot to hell. Not that it seems to matter, One Way or Another–GREAT song–to the majority of his Pinball Wizard-like acolytes.

Yet as ever more desperation is clearly setting in with both Sanders, Bernard increasingly looks the part of the kind of politician he once forged a profitable career railing against. All things being equal, perhaps it’s time for the Ol’ Socialist to consider retirement. This way, he and his spouse Mrs. Mouse can give speeches for big bucks, write books, appear publicly (for a healthy fee, of course) and generally recreate what Hillary and Bill did to earn their millions.

You know, that for which Bernard has been disparaging the ultimate Democratic power couple the past several years. At this point, a little more hypocrisy isn’t going to further damage the legacy of Sanders. THAT ship sailed, some time ago.

This way, the next firebrand politician who inspires disaffected youth to bitterly complain about how inequitable their lives are–only to remain comfortably ensconced in Mom and Pop’s basement when it comes time to vote–he or she can point to the former presidential candidate and query rhetorically: “Didn’t you used to be Bernie Sanders?” And after metaphorically spitting on the ground near where the allegorical former Senator stands, the latest political agent provocateur can raise both fists high and bellow toward the heavens: “Please! May that I never sell out for mere money–proclaimed with all the derision one can muster–like that guy Sanders, who sold all of you good people out!”

All the while he or she will be counting the days, months, years until their opportunity presents. This way, another sparkling cord on yet another golden parachute can be pulled, affording one more now former politician the opportunity to land comfortably, softly, upon sweet stacks of Benjamins. Just like Bernard and Jane Sanders.

Times of Desperation For BS

by Steve Rohosky

Desperate times do indeed call for measures of desperation from the campaign of Bernard Sanders, Incorporated. In a new low for this Democratic primary season, his incontestably impolitic surrogate Rosario Dawson broke out the victim card during an appearance, ostensibly to tout the wonder of Sanders.

Speaking to a gathering of his fairy dust spattered minions, the actress/director/inept public speaker lamented how poor Bernie and his passive, albeit intensely passionate followers are being incessantly bullied by that vindictive harpy Hillary Clinton. That indeed she, Dawson, is certain they are being punished for their beliefs in a manner reminiscent to how HRC once impugned, consummately demeaned and maligned poor Lil Monica (Lewinsky.)

Yes, she went THERE. Many in the crowd became noticeably agitated at the dredging up of Lewinsky’s name and voiced displeasure at Dawson’s ungainly effort to use it as a weapon.

One of the oldest political dirty tricks in the book is to use a surrogate to float an idea, voice an attack, in order to gage the response for that which a politician doesn’t feel entirely comfortable. Should it fall completely flat–as did this–well, then the candidate has just cause to throw the offending party under the proverbial bus. It’s all about plausible deniability, you see.

Never the less, having gaged the unwillingness of Sanders to condemn Dawson during a Sunday morning TV interview, though, it would seem to suggest he was completely on board with the test drive of such a reprehensible attack on Hillary Clinton. Coming, as it did, from another supposed Democrat. In point of fact, the whole thing might well have been the VT senator’s idea, in the place. Alas, we may never know.

Yet, as if one gigantic gaffe wasn’t enough, the unskilled neophyte compounded it further by grousing as to how Bernard’s innocent minions are being bullied online by overzealous Clinton disciples. Considering the multitude of über aggressive BernieBots and Bros trolling the Internet looking to target and harass women supporters of HRC, Dawson might want to reconsider throwing that accusatory stone, again, seeing as how the political house she so avidly supports is erected entirely of glass.

Meanwhile, BS continues to denounce Hillary with all the fervor the Ol’ Geezer can muster. On the trail, campaign manager Jeff Weaver appeared on a 24 hour news channel, pledging to ignore the will of the people while detailing plans to disrupt the Democratic convention. He guaranteed every effort will be made to flip already pledged super delegates so that Sanders might yet win the nomination.

Of course, this strategy completely contradicts Bernard’s early diatribes AGAINST the usage of super delegates to determine the nominee. Many was the time he vociferously argued that the will of the people should determine the nomination, not the party elite. Now that “the people” are speaking with a resounding clamor for Clinton and not Bernard, well…in the words of the famous Nineties pop philosopher, Steve Urkel:
“Did I do that??”

Ah, well, what’s still more hypocrisy from the Sanders campaign?

Presidential candidates are generally expected to display a modicum of class and a degree of dignity–Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seemingly excepted. Perhaps someone should tell Bernard “One Shot” Sanders that shaking the hand of the greatly respected Pope Francis in and of itself did not imbue the candidate with any of the pontiffs class.

At the same time, tales of Sanders stalking the Pope in the hallway at 4AM, as well as his boasts to the press afterwards about their “private meeting” so angered the normally mild mannered Pope, he felt compelled to explain how Senator Sanders received a very polite handshake and nothing more. All of which did more to further degrade what little dignity Barn-Barn has remaining, rather than enhance it, which one must assume was the entire point of the Great Adventure in the first place.

The deplorable actions and behavior of all involved, by himself and those acting upon his behalf during this primary season, will no doubt be strongly considered by voters in those state having yet to hold primaries. Certainly, Bernard Sanders is responsible for his own bad behavior. That we expected more from him, however, is entirely our own fault.

Ted Cruz: Professional Demagogue

By Steve Rohosky


Let’s begin by establishing that Raphael (Ted) Cruz, candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, is a megalomaniac. No matter how one chooses to define and/or describe it, synonyms such as self-centered, pompous, egotistical and vainglorious fit the Texas Blowhard like an army of astrologers camped out at the Reagan White House.

But then, severe character flaws seem to be de rigueur within the Cruz family. His father and wife have both pronounced with great certainty and absolute aplomb–while reportedly maintaining perfectly straight faces–Ted(dy Bare) is God’s Chosen One. That He wants Der Cruzer to be elected the next president of these somewhat United States. Their certainty is said to be so unassailable, it’s as if Pops and the missus have the Christian deity on speed dial.

Hard to ague with either: A) that kind of devotion, not to mention degree of certainty, or B) people off their meds entirely TOO long.

He-Who-Was-Definitely-Not-The-Chosen-One-In-The-New-York-Primary on Tuesday gave a speech intended to be uplifting for his acolytes, later that evening. In it, he had the effrontery to not just invoke the memory and accomplishments of John F. Kennedy, but Cruz brazenly juxtaposed himself as someone following in the beloved former Democratic president’s footsteps, this campaign.

The speech was given soon after The Senator managed to extricate his beloved black ostrich skin cowboy boots–including feet and socks–from his gaping maw, where his dimwitted and altogether derisive put-down of “New York values” led to his disastrous showing in the New York primary.

It was, characteristically, a thoroughly disgraceful diatribe. One which, were Kennedy still alive, he doubtless would have reviled the remarkably regressive Cruz for such a shallow, despicable and all together desperate dissertation.

As if attempting to glom onto the legacy of JFK wasn’t narcissistic enough, the candidate also conjured the revisionist glories of rightist extremist Saint Ronald Reagan.

Remember, Cruz is the self obsessed former protege of Sarah Palin who shut down the government, several years ago, for no other reasons than it garnered him publicity aplenty and to portray himself as not just another trendy anti Washington interloper. No, he wanted to be known as THE ultimate beyond the capital beltway outsider.

Below is a portion of the speech (verbatim) given by God’s rapidly fading champion. Given after fleeing the angry hordes of New York City. In fact, the only things missing as Cruz was chased across the border with New Jersey were pitchforks, flaming torches and effigies to be set ablaze later that night. Having managed to avoid the chestytraps–Republicans no longer reference the word “booby” for obvious reasons–and numerous Jersey State troopers Trump supporter Chis Christie planted along way, the Lone Star Mighty Mouth successfully relocated, barely, the traveling combination Old Fashioned Revival of Faith and Minstrel Show which masquerades as a Cruz campaign rally. Settled right where his exaltedness hopes he will find a more receptive audience in Philadelphia, PA.

Good luck with that, Senator, considering Philadelphia’s reputation as a town tough to please. One exceedingly well earned, as immortalized several decades ago when tens of thousands of football fans attending an Eagles game greeted the arrival of Santa Claus with lusty booing and insults not to be heard during the family TV viewing hour.

If Philly residents could boo Saint Nick, image the kind of creative displeasure which possibly awaits Raphael (Ted) Cruz, practicing professional demagogue, should he verbalize more boneheaded insults of the locals, highlighted by condescending comments about “Pennsylvania values.”


“This is the year of the outsider. I’m an outsider; Bernie Sanders is an outsider. Both with the same diagnosis, but both with very different paths to healing. Millions of Americans have chosen one of these outsiders.

“Our campaigns don’t find our fuel in bundlers and special interests, but rather directly from the people. The wide eyed youth of any age that haven’t given up on the hope that tomorrow can and will be better.

“Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy were outsiders. They both represented a whole new vision and vibrancy. A new generation of ideas. Jack Kennedy looked forward, instead of back to the first half century of world war. He knew that America could dream and build if we were set free. Not tanks for war, but rockets for exploration.

“Reagan looked out to us, the most powerful force for innovation that the world has even known. There we found new tech pioneers like Bill Gates and a young Steve Jobs. They had vision and the freedom to build a new world that at the time only they saw. Because they were free they challenged the way and changed the way that all of us live, work and interact.

“Now it’s our turn.

“This generation must first look inward to see who we really are after years of being beaten down. Years of being told we couldn’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t. This generation needs to answer a new set of questions: Can we, should we, will we…”

In the immortal words of former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Lloyd Bentsen: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Now, pardon me while I once again metaphorically hurl my outrage into a strategically placed bucket.

Beware the Public Image

by Steve Rohosky

Bernard Sanders, Inc revels in repeated rants about Hillary Clinton taking money from (fill in his blank) for private speeches. Bragging how HE is above stooping to such a lowly, contemptible capitalistic ploy as accepting that which he ceaselessly sermonizes to be the filthy lucre and no-doubt ill gotten gains of corrupt corporations and clandestine businesses. All for something BS considers as banal as giving a speech. Eewwww…yucky!

Well, guess what? As a current member of the US senate, Barn-Barn CANNOT accept an honorarium–read: payment or other remuneration–for a personal appearance or speech!! Which makes it infinitely easier to adopt a holier-than-attitude towards something, knowing you are prohibited, even if you wanted.

Taken from, pg 7:
“NO honoraria may be received by any Member, officer, or employee.An “honorarium” is a fee for any speech, appearance, or article (including for a series of speeches, appearances, or articles if the series is directly related to an individual’s Senate duties or if payment is made because of an individual’s Senate position). Necessary expenses of travel are not honoraria.”

Once more, the Ol’ Geezer has proven to be the consummate hypocrite by incessantly attacking Hillary Clinton for giving paid speeches–which was well within her rights as a private citizen, following her stint as Secretary of State–while purposely misrepresenting himself to his stupefyingly myopic minions to be the kind of man who wouldn’t deign to stoop so low as to accept payment for speeches.

Of course Sanders wouldn’t, BECAUSE HE CAN’T!! To do as HRC was able would be a congressional ethics violation.

That the media fails to call out Colonial Sanders for his constant lies, innuendo and obfuscations only serves to underscore how deeply entrenched are the desires of the 24 hour news networks for these primaries to be reasonably close and comparatively competitive. But to ignore such fallacious pontifications as Bernard’s one time boast about not accepting money from PACS–he does–or from employees of fossil fuel companies (surprise, surprise!) is deplorable.

Equally so is the way only just now, months into the campaign, are pundits accurately reporting that Sanders voted FOR the very same 1994 Crime Bill he has repeatedly and with great relish savaged Big Bill for signing into law. Hillary has been the incessant target of the ‪#‎BernedOut‬ ones chastising for this bill, too. After all, in perfect Sandersian logic, she is his wife, thus rendering her guilty by extension. That Hillary never cast a ballot for the bill doesn’t seem to matter. You see, to those who exist almost exclusively upon Planet Bernie, supporting ones husband and his policies as then First Lady, is infinitely worse than his “yes” vote as a congressman. Just as that same twisted logic predicates Bernard’s numerous votes to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars pale in comparison to his vote against the Iraq invasion.

I see, said the Pinball Wizard of minions: blind, deaf and unconscionably dumb.

In reality, it takes a special kind of political self delusion to believe voting against the invasion of another country entitles you to a lifetime of chest thumping and special benefits. This while the repeated voting to PAY for the war which resulted from said incursion–the war Sanders claims to have been vehemently against–matters not in the slightest. Or so he would have all those mystified lemmings who flock to see him and delightedly donate hard earned money to Bernard Sanders Inc, postulate.

After all, what’s 5,000 American dead in Iraq when compared to the pork Bernard was able to send back to VT, in the form of some defense contractor jobs. Jobs placed in his state in return for his yes vote on the funding bill. Or do you actually think there couldn’t possibly have been any quid pro quo because Vermont was the perfect place for defense contractors to open a couple of branch offices right after Bernie’s yes vote??

Seemingly desperate for a political and cultural hero in which to blindly believe, BS’s youthful Acolytes–and older ones who have been around long enough to know better–all seem to have fallen under a sort of mass misconception that this man, this politician, is “different.” In reality, he is nothing but a manipulative fraud, slavishly devoted to his archaic “old hippie” late ’50’s to mid Sixties-steeped ideology. The kind of four decades long professional politician who, in order to satisfy his lust for power, deceitfully sells the possibility of fantastical freebies to the youthfully naïve and trusting. Plans a President Sanders will have no more a chance of ushering into being than Trump’s Southern border wall for which he insists he will force Mexico to pay.

The truth of the matter is: BS, Inc is a candidate with an undeniably manufactured public image, the beneficiary of a carefully crafted facade contrived to hide his narcissism and deceit, his misogyny and megalomania. Not to mention other debilitating deficiencies. Deficiencies too crippling, IMHO, for ANYONE who actively seeks to become the President of the United States and leader of the free world.

Hypocrite, thy name is Bernard Sanders.